Vip Fashion Week Milano, the  event of great surprises

Co-ordination by Albana Cakshiri,  the surprising producer.

 The concept of fashion is a philosophy with dimensions not only on style. This philosophy encourages designers from different countries of  the world to overcome their emotions and to transfer their perceptions into unique and inspiring creations.

Aiming for a more beautiful world, when everyone is comfortable with style, comes a different challenge, at an elite fashion event,  in the fashion capital of Milan, Italy. The organizer of VIP Fashion Week Milano is the well-known producer at various international events is Miss. Albana Cakshiri.

Models from more than 12 countries around the world from 5 to 28 years old will perform on footage to showcase the creations of stylists from 7 countries around the world.

Of course surprises will be many, while the founder of this patent  Miss. Albana Cakshiri has declared to our media that the participating models will be accredited with Master Class Diplomas for Vip Fashion Week in Paris, Dubai, New York, etc.

Of course the main partners will be Daily Mail 24.