Zannoni Paiano: the perfect combination

Paola Zannoni, Yvonne Paiano; the artist and fashion designer and as such they presented themselves at the International Fashion Expo, an event held during the last Milanese fashion week in the Shopping Diva’s showroom in Via Monte Napoleone 21, organized by WiCom, a company that manages press offices and PR.

Paola Zannoni, artist from Livorno, was born as a painter and her style appears highly expressive in the subjective evaluation of colors and shapes. It is precisely the images that, spontaneously deformed, want to represent the many inner transformations of modern man, sometimes distressed and frustrated by existential problems, sometimes exalted and calmed by idyllic visions.

What is surprising in Paola Zannoni’s works is not only the arrogance of the image, sometimes monstrous and demonic, that is represented and denotes a great strength of character, but also the skill with which she organizes the combination, the contrast of colors. Sometimes they are numerous and well amalgamated, sometimes the colour is only one but such are the nuances that are created that it is a pleasure to look at the image transmitted, to receive the message of joy or sadness, of discouragement or satisfaction that the colour sends us as a known music.

As if the transposition on canvas of the depth and purity of human content that only this painter can represent in such an original way were not enough, she also creates beautiful floral motifs on canvas and linen for the packaging of scarves and foulards and dresses.

It is precisely from Zannoni’s paintings that many fashion designers take their cue to create an extratemporal dialogue between figurative art and fashion, among them, the Vercelli-based designer Yvonne Paiano, who during the last Milano Fashion Week was in the spotlight for the public in the sector of high artistic value clothes for her spring-summer 2020 collection.

Precious silks, printed with the colors and shapes of the works of the Tuscan painter, were the protagonists of the exhibition space Zannoni-Paiano, worn with skill and elegance by the models.

A unique collection, refined, with exclusive garments capable of highlighting the sophistication and elegance of those who will have the pleasure of wearing them.