Mr. & Miss Photogenic 2019 auditions completed, Grooming from tomorrow

The third day audition round of Mr & Miss Photogenic 2019 was held in the capital Dhaka. The Grooming session will begin from tomorrow Friday (November 7). Countless young women from all over the country have participated this audition. Mr. and Miss Photogenic 2019 are jointly presenting by Walis Associates and CMUD Events.

A small number of young women have been chosen from 3rd audition for the next step who will be participating in the Grooming Session with previous competitors. Twenty-five contestants were selected from the 3-days audition round. Of these, the top 14 will be picked up by Grooming after re-selection, which will include 7 young boys and 7 young girls. Model Ruma, Model and Actress Tamalika Karmakar, Dance Director Evan Shahriar Sohag and Actor Imtu Ratish were present as judges in the 3rd audition round. Popular model and dancer Barish Haque was hosting the program. Saikat Joardar (Black Leaf) is the marketing partner of this program. And the food partner is Biye Bari.

Others collaborators in Mr. & Miss Photogenic 2019 are Daily Mail 24 (Media Partner), Groove Magazine / The Daily Sun (Media Partner), City FM 96.00 (Radio Partner), Apurba Dance School (Dance Grooming Partner), Red (Beauty Partner), Fahim Hossain (Photography Partner), Saimas creations (Outfits partner), Fraulen fashion ltd Outfits partner (photoshoot round) and Eskay (Decoration Partner).