Corianne, a top potential international model

World Fashion Festival Awards has launched many beautiful and talented models in the course of the past years. In October event, Corianne participated for the first time at the event in Dubai, proudly representing her country (the Netherlands) and the Agency she is represented by – Make It Management. Corianne is a top potential international model that has just started her work in Dubai and surely there will be more opportunities to see her next, whether in Dubai or on the highest catwalk of the world.

Photo credit: Wolfgang Nelson

1. Tell us about yourself (a short description).

My name is Corianne and I’m a 20-year-old Dutchie. I’m extremely adventurous and I love to travel. So I’m very grateful to be part of the World Fashion Festival Awards event and visit Dubai.

2. What did you choose to make a career from modeling?

I never really thought of becoming a model because I was too insecure. When I was like 12 I grew very tall and my surroundings started saying that I had the perfect body to become a model. I did some shoots for acquaintances and basically rolled into it. Later on I went on a surprise trip to Milan and I decided to take the plunge; I took my heels and portfolio book with me and did like 12 walk ins in 2 days. Thankfully I got to sign a contract and that’s when my modelling career really got serious.

Photo credit: Wolfgang Nelson

3. Where have you modeling so far?

I have modelled in Milan and in New York. New York was only a requested casting but the people I met and the trip overall were so amazing.

4. What is your preferred country to travel to for fashion shows?

Currently Milan. I have been there twice for over a month so I really got to know the city. The people are so nice and I just really like the general vibe there.

5. Do you have any preferred fashion designer? Who is and why?

I like Chanel a lot. Their shows are always so incredible for example the beach catwalk during S/S 2019. I really loved that show. But also H&M. They have worked with so many models I would love to work with and their commercials are always very bubbly. Sports Illustrated would be very cool as well! I feel like they made such a difference in changing the modelling industry by choosing lots of different types of models and I think that is really important. So many more I would like to work with haha.

Photo credit: Wolfgang Nelson

6. What would you like your audience (fans) to know about you?

That I worked hard. That I’m the perfect example of dealing with lots of ‘No’s’ but I still keep on going. I’m planning on doing this for long as possible and I’m giving my all for every casting and every job. That’s why I am extra grateful to be part of this amazing event.

7. How did you start modeling?

I began shooting for acquaintances and eventually rolled into it and went to Milan twice. Definitely on my list of best times of my life.

8. Where can we see you next?

I hope to work more on this side of the globe. I love to learn more about the people here and the culture. But I also really want to go to Cape Town soon.

9. How does a normal day look to you?

When I don’t model, I manage the polaroid’s, portfolio books and social media of Make It Management on week days. In the weekend I work as a bartender in my hometown.

10. What is your biggest dream to achieve as a model?

Overall I hope to make a living out of this. To build a career wherein I can create a stable home for my future children but also to build friendships with people I would normally never had met. If I can build a foundation with loving and supportive people I would be more than happy. I would also like to be part of a change within the industry. I want all body types to be accepted at the same time instead of picking a period of time while being on this earth and decide we’re okay with this, but not with that’.

Regarding to jobs I would love to work with Sports Illustrated or to be the face of a new fragrance.

11. How was your experience on the stage of WFFA in Dubai?

Attending The World Fashion Festival Awards was an amazing experience. Flying all the way to Dubai was not something I thought I would be doing in the near future. So when I was confirmed by WFFA I was extremely happy. The WFFA management has been a great and lovely host. It was very welcoming and made sure the Dutch team never felt left behind. The make-up team was very nice and super talented. The designers were very easy to get along with. They were all in for a chat even the one’s I didn’t model for. Every collection was amazing and you could see all the designers had worked very hard and passionately to create this collection.

Photo credit: Mike.Zae

The after party was so much fun, dancing with the models, chatting with the designers. Just having a drink and enjoying Dubai. Every show was special, but the one I will never forget is the one from Mona AL Mansouri (the First Emirati Fashion Designer). I wore one of the three bridal gowns and I never felt more special. It really made me want to get married haha. I want to thank everyone involved for this amazing time and I hope to see you all again sometime.