Butterfly Fair held at JU

The butterfly fair was Jahangirnagar University  today (20 December) in front of the Zahir Raihan Auditorium  under the slogan 0f ‘Urle akashe projapoti, prokriti pay notun goti’. The butterfly fair was crowded with people of all ages from morning evening to see this insect spreading in nature.

The butterfly fair was inaugurated in front of the  Zahir Raihan auditorium at 10am on Friday. The inaugural ceremony was presided over by Ghulam Mostafa, professor of Zoology. Professor Abdul Jabbar Howlader, Dean of the Faculty of Biology, Prof. Sadia Ahmed, bird expert Inam al-Haq, ASM Zahir Uddin Akand, Director of the Wildlife Crime Control Unit of the Forest Department were present at the program.

The daylong fair featured with rallies, quiz contests for butterflies, photographic contests, live butterfly exhibits drawing competition for children, photography exhibition, butterfly exhibition, debate competition and documentary exhibition on ‘Butterfly and its Habitat’, distribution of awards.  The fair was held till afternoon.

Monowar Hossain, professor of the Department of Zoology and the convener of the butterfly fair, said, “If you recognize the butterfly and preserve the butterfly, nature will survive. In Jahangirnagar University, there were three species of butterflies that were extinct day by day. So we need to work together to save these butterflies. Then we will be able to deal with the problems of climate change. ”

MA Bashar, professor of Dhaka University was awarded the ‘Butterfly Award-20’ for overall contribution to butterfly research. In addition, Arunav Bruno, a student of Sabbag Government College, was awarded the ‘Young Butterfly Enthusiast Award’.

MA Bashar, Professor of Dhaka University said, “Butterflies are an extraordinary animal. I do not think any other animal is as involved with nature and environment as it is. The role of butterflies is paramount to the well being of the people, their relationship with the environment and the balance of the environment. To realize nature, it is not just the eyes that have eyes, but the insights. ”

Mentionable that, The Butterfly Fair is being organized continuously from 2010  with the initiative of Department of Zoology of Jahangirnagar University to raise public awareness about the importance of butterflies in order to preserve butterflies and balance the nature of butterflies.


Shashawty Sarker, JU Correspondent