Snezana Bechtina Athlete of the year

Snezana Bechtina expresses her gratitude to Clonliffe Harriers Athletic Club (Insta@clonliffeharriersac) for “Women’s Track and Field Athlete of the year 2019” title and for lovely trophy.

She already was recognised by Clonliffe Harriers Athletic Club earlier this year at the clubhouse at Morton Stadium in Dublin after she came back from Torun, Poland from World
Masters Athletic Championships. At the championships Snezana Bechtina became a World Champion in 200m and silver medallist in 400m.

She ran a time of 25.62-to set a new Irish Masters indoor record.

Before the main competition Snezana was training intensely for about three months for 2 hours a day, 6 times a week. In addition to that she also did 30 minutes easy training: 10 minutes slow running and stretching, at least 3 times a week.

After WMAC World Championships and 10 years of dedicated disciplined training Snezana took a break and eased back to light training for three times a week, on her own with no team. She enjoyed extra family time. She took part in only one competition during the 2019 outdoor season in September, to see where she is at for the 2020 season, winning a bronze medal in the 200m with a time 26.4 at the European Masters Athletic Championships in Caorle, Italy.

This was an amazing achievement. She called it “magic” , because she couldn’t move for 3 days due to back pain just two weeks before the championships. But her intention to take part in the competition and in Italian themed athletes party “healed” her.

“Each person needs to create a goal. Once you create the goal it become a “magic healer” said Snezana.

Two months before her first Masters World Championship in South Korea in 2017 she was doubtful about participating, because of heath condition. She said: “if I will feel good, I will go…” But later Snezana changed her attitude, she said : “I will go!” , and she “felt good” immediately.


During the awards it was outlined that Snezana was almost a one person team at the National Indoor League, competing in long jump, triple jump, high jump, pole vault, 60m hurdles and relay for Clonliffe Harriers Athletic Club; in addition to her international successes.

Congratulations to John Shields. John Shields -one of the best
coaches in Ireland !  As Snezana says about her coach who trained her since 2010: John’s athlete Group is a “Champion Factory”.

Join Clonliffe Harriers Athletic Club , they need you. Be dedicated and patient, and become a healthy champion. You can read more about the awards and the club by following the link:

Pictures by Michal Sendrak and Greg Culaw