Luissa Burton, The Official Green Queen joins ‘Eco Earth Store’

In a quest to continue making a massive impact on our planet, Luissa Burton, former international beauty queen turned green entrepreneur has teamed up with Luke Morris on “Eco Earth Store”.

“Eco Earth Store is the UK’s first online marketplace for plastic and palm-oil free products. We specialist in bringing new sellers and suppliers of environmentally friendly products for both business and households to the UK market.”

The vision is to be as efficient as Amazon and as ethical as can be whilst quite literally saving “The Amazon” (rain forest). Luissa says, “we incentive businesses and individuals to swap to a conscious choice by offering top quality alternatives whilst being cost effective”. In your home they supply products from the kitchen to the bathroom. In terms of businesses they have everything covered from hair salons, to events and even hotels.

Luke says, “This is a social conscious business where the purchase of our products directly contributes to humanitarian and environmental issues. 50% of Eco Earth Stores profits go to charities that better the world we live in”. Luissa continues, “We want to empower individuals by giving them viable alternatives which say ‘I am choosing a better world because I have the power to make conscious choices’. We want to alter the root level awareness of individuals. The changes begin with “me”, in the home, in the office, in your cafe and overtime these add up to massive changes collectively for “we”. We are all interconnected. Micro effort equals macro effect”.

Luissa and Luke are a new generation of entrepreneurs that are proving you can make a living helping the planet rather than harming it. These are the businesses of the future and we as customers can decide what world we want to live in. Taken from Luissa’s Instagram account earlier this week, “A lot of people have a defeatist attitude when it comes to making change. Changes for humanity or even personal changes for themselves. They think the effort they do will not make any difference so what’s the point. If every single person on the planet had the courage to do just ONE positive action of change, collectively that would be 7 billion positive actions, if we did two that’s 14 billion! On the flip side, if we all did two destructive actions that’s 14 billion actions destroying our world. See how this duplicates? YOU YES YOU can literally make the choice of which world you want to live in! Never underestimate the power of what you can do individually”.

To check out the venture go to:

Facebook: @ecoearthstore

Twitter: @ecoearthstore

Instagram: @ecoearthstoreuk