How fitness got Serena over the line on a Reality show!

Following the highly anticipated release of Miss Multiverse Australia to Amazon Prime and Tubi, we take a glance at one of the show’s top 10 contestants and her journey as she battles it out for the coveted Miss Multiverse Australia crown.

Miss Multiverse Australia is available worldwide on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

Who is Serena Polley?

Serena Polley is a law student and former Ms. Fitness Australia winner. Following her success, this active mum of two boys became a Ms Fitness Australia Bikini pro and continues to do photo-shoots while managing a restaurant in Ascot.

Her Road to Miss Multiverse Australia

Serena recalls the excitement when she first heard about the competition and immediately felt her calling to apply.With her dreams of being in front of the camera, Serena put Miss Multiverse Australia on her wish list, as a stepping stone into the world of acting and modelling. Her prayers were answered when she made the top 10 cut, although she admits to having her doubts that she wasn’t what the judges were looking for.

With a background in fitness, Serena stuck to a strict eating plan and training regime in preparation to ensure that she would perform at her peak. In the lead up to the competition, Serena embarked on a campaign trail of sorts to promote herself, in which she organised and attended events and photo-shoots to boost her image and public profile.

The Miss Multiverse Australia Journey

The competition helped to reignite the competitive fire that Serena once had during her Ms. Fitness days. She says it pushed her to her limit, and attributed the show to helping her realise her full potential.

Although she was hesitant to apply after her mother’s battle and recovery from cancer, she received the support and push from her mum that she needed to give her all in this once in a life time experience and achieve herdreams of being in front of the camera.

While Serena got along well with her fellow contestants, she struggled being away from her family, particularly during this difficult time with her mum’s condition. But she knew she had to see her dreams through, recalling childhood memories of living out these dreams by playing with her Barbies who she set up beauty pageants for.

Going forward

Serena attests to coming back a different woman thanks to her experience competing in Miss Multiverse Australia. She’s committed to getting into the acting business now more than ever and is looking for more opportunities to take the next step in the industry.

About Miss Multiverse Australia

This is a TV Series like no other! A model contest where outer beauty is not more important than the models’ other extraordinary qualities. We are on the hunt for the world’s most multi-faceted females – and we start in Australia! If they don’t have it ALL, they will be ELIMINATED!

Challenges and tests are specifically designed to not only test the models’ modelling skills, but also their fitness, stamina, character, intellect, mental, business and physical abilities to name a few.

This contest is definitely not for the faint hearted girl and it keeps the audience on the edge of their seat, as they cheer for their favorite contestant through their ups and downs.

With scary judges and intimidating co-competitors, there is never a dull moment and always a hidden secret.

The contestants in Australia were selected based on nowadays beauty standards and level of education. The beautiful women that reach the finals are already accomplished models, entrepreneurs or have won beauty queen titles. They are at a point in their careers where their motivation goes beyond showcasing their beauty; they are seeking life changing experiences, recognition of their internal qualities, empowerment capabilities and the opportunity to give the best of themselves to empower others.


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