Viktoriia Bakai-Modeling Make up artist

1. Hello, Viktoriia! We admire your beauty and your talent, how do you compare the work in front of a camera is being a model and behind a camera being a makeup artist?

Hello! So nice to be interviewed by Republican Pride magazine. I am very lucky.

Before becoming a model and Miss I was working with Chameleon Model agency a lot as a makeup artist, so I was always in the process of shooting models and I got some knowledge from this period for myself. Anyway, experience helps you to sit on the two chairs at the same time (laughing).

2. We know you have a diploma in teaching Ukrainian and English languages. Did it help you with modeling?

Yes, I graduated from a pedagogical university 3 years ago and I cannot deny it helps me a lot all the time. In modeling very important is connecting between model and photographer. If you want to work in Ukraine it’s enough to know Ukrainian, but if you want to work abroad you have to know English. In this case, I was successful.

3. We also know you are a contestant of a modeling contest and you took part in a Beauty contest. Which one did you like more?

Yes, I took a part in a Beauty contest “Miss&Mister Planet 2019” held in Georgia. I got two titles – Miss Planet Ambassador and Miss Planet Press. It was my first real Beauty contest, except “Miss University” in 2014 being a student (laughs). And you know, I like it. In the right way, titles can give you many opportunities. As for modeling, it’s a much creative process. You can change your styles, mood, energy in case of a purpose. You are engaged in a life of shootings, designers, fashion shows it’s a big advantage.

4. Can you tell us about your start in modeling?

Of course, as I told before I was a part of a Chameleon Model agency team for some time. We went for so many work trips and contests with models and Miss. And once upon a time in Portugal during the modeling contest I heard such words: “Why aren’t you with the contestants. They are going to take a picture. Aren’t you a model? But you look like that.” I wasn’t a model than just a makeup artist and it was great to hear such a thing from a jury of that contest. At that time I thought “why am I not?”. And it was a beginning.

5. Very interesting story. It’s like making you look for your powers from another side. What about the title of “Miss Planet 2019”? What did it give to you?

That was the contest that gives me an understanding of what to be a Miss means. Before it, I didn’t know clearly what it was. Being a “Miss Planet Ambassador 2019” and “Miss Planet Press 2019” I have a great responsibility in front of other people, kids, contests, and of course, followers in social media. I am in the process of creating a project for people’s weal, but I cannot say more about it now. I hope I will be successful with it.

6. Good luck to you from our team in your project! It’s so important to make good things at this time. The next question is your Top -5 countries you would like to visit.

Oh, 5 is so little (laughs). Ok, I will try to name the most desirable. So, it’s Cambodia, Peru, Cuba, Spain, Greece.

7. And the last question is about friendship in modeling. Does it exist? What is your opinion?

I heard a lot about the hostility in modeling. But I cannot give an example from my own life. I became a model in my Chameleon Model agency. And we lived different and sometimes difficult times together. We are like a family. This is the merit of our National Director and owner of Chameleon Models – Angela Andreyevska. Who is like a sister, mother for all of us. There is no place for any dissension between us. We work together on different projects, always support each other, and are ready to help in any life situation. I don’t know about other modeling contests, how it is going, but I hope I will know soon. As you know I am a contestant of the Best International Photo Model 2020, so I hope I will take part in a Final in Portugal.