Artem Timchenko, International model & world beauty pageant coach

1. Artem, how did you decide to become a model?

I have been involved in professional sports since I was three years old. And when I was invited to the first shooting in Moscow, I felt that modeling and sports are related, the strongest wins.

2. You are very bright looking. Perhaps this is your trump card at the casting?

Castings are a carousel of luck, and it is in your best interest for this carousel to stop at you! Then the doors are closed for the rest, the casting is announced to have taken place, and the most interesting thing begins – work with designers and photographers.

3. The funniest incident from the shooting.

It is a short story for the rest of my lifetime. St. Petersburg taught that it is more important for a photographer to have very good shoes than a very good camera. There are no options for the model – there are tasks and their solution is the most important thing. There were 14 hours of shooting and more than 30 looks in different pairs of shoes 2 sizes smaller than mine. The result was the following: calluses in the blood, painkillers do not work, it was completely impossible to stand on your feet for 3 days, the contract was in your hands as well as premium allowances from the designer and the customer of the magazine, the joy that sports training is alive and we can do the impossible!

4. How long does it take to get to model Olympus?

You can have a phone and a white wall with which you can do snapshots by yourself. Or you can study at a model school for a long time and participate in photo projects, but have nothing at the same time. It all depends on you, personal decisions and corrective actions. No scout will notice you if you don’t do anything for it.

5. Fashion show or shooting?

Shooting, due to the fact that in one outfit and in one location several stories can live in you that will replace each other in a matter of minutes. These stories can live on because they are baked forever.

6. You are a very cool beauty pageant coach. How does this experience help in modeling?

My colleagues may not understand me correctly, since modeling and beauty contests are completely different polarities of the design and beauty industry. However, I have long ago learned for myself several similarities that can unite these different directions:

–          Focusing on goals and working out important details to achieve an important result.

–          The psychological health of a person is the path to success in modeling and even more so in a beauty contest.

–          Development of 3 qualities: humanity, contemplation and good nature + 50 steps to your success! No designer or photographer wants to work with a boor or a nigga. No crown will find a pervert or bitchiness owner.

7. Top 3 tips for a New Face male model.

1) Your body is your face. Gym and healthy food control.

2) Self-development is the engine of the process. Studying the material on photographing in any available form: books, magazine articles, the Internet, and so on. Photo-poses training in front of a mirror every day. Gradually translate your practice into a shot, at least a phone, work out the poses in a minute.

3) The world is your friend. Participate as much as possible in modeling projects around the world, it will open the door beyond your imaginations, develop you more! The main thing is that it will lead to new acquaintances and new contracts!