IDFW Designers Feature 2

International Digital Fashion Week on FNL Network features hundreds of designers from all around the world in one electronic place.  In my last article, I discussed the shows of Valentin Yudashkin, Amato Couture, Marc Cain, SAJAS, Nizie, Brand Dongak, and ASPARA.  Today I will be reviewing the talents of Urban, Dr. Zwack, Carlous Palmer Designs, Georgina Jewelry, Iconic License, and Marina Micanovic.

Urban is a brand from Mongolia. DULAM, the designer for Urban, created a fall/winter 2021 show that was a mix of Mongolian clothing and modern streetwear.  The influence of traditional pieces on the collection was perfectly shown in the video they created for IDFW.  It starts out by showing beautiful classic pieces in black and white and accessorized with pearls and then moves into a club scene showcasing items such as mock necks, fitted silhouettes, and dark colors.  DULAM did an exceptional job of bringing edge and freshness to Mongolian clothing.

American brand Dr. Zwack based their spring/summer 2021 collection off of the theme CONDOR.  The bird, along with other animals, is represented on the clothing throughout this gorgeous bohemian collection.  CONDOR brings viewers back to nature with the snakeskin prints and earth tones.  It includes trends such as fringe, halters, and tiered fabric.  Dr. Zwack’s spring/summer 2021 collection is effortlessly beautiful and evokes feelings of freedom like the great condor.

Carlous Palmer Designs’ L’ALLE DES GRAFFITIS (the alley of graffiti) is a futuristic streetwear collection.  It features t-shirts, jackets, and pants that are decorated in graffiti; taking street fashion in a very literal way.  The video was an innovative spin on a typical runway show by using computer-generated models to present the looks.  Overall, this is a must-watch.

Carlous Palmer uses his knowledge of the environmental impact of the fashion industry to create a sustainable, yet stylish fashion.  He creates natural and environmental fabrics to lessen the impact of his art on our planet.  The way he produces along with the unique looks he designs is a game-changer for the industry.

Georgina Jewelry is an American jewelry line designed by Georgina Herrera to empower women.  Their motto is “the connection between love, art, and tradition is unbreakable and determines who we are.”  From Mexico, Herrera combines her culture with the latest fashion trends to create breathtaking accessories.

Herrera wants her jewelry to empower and inspire any modern woman.  She wants women to feel confident when they are wearing her designs, whether it be a casual day in the office or a night at a gala.  This theme of confidence is very apparent throughout the SS21 collection.  The jewelry is bold, yet elegant.  It makes statements, yet it’s simple.  There is a piece for everyone and it would be impossible for a woman not to feel empowered to take on whatever life throws at her while wearing Georgina Jewelry spring/summer 2021.

Iconic License has used their spring/summer 2021 to showcase what I’m calling “stylish practicability”.  The video they created for FNL Network features a woman climbing monkey bars, roller skating, and riding a motorcycle, all while wearing their feminine designs.  It highlights style above all else and shows that you dress for any occasion– no matter what you may be doing.

As an NYC brand, Marina Micanovic understands what it’s like to have a busy lifestyle and always be on the go; because of this, she created the Ukiyo Bag.  Ukiyo is a Japanese term that describes an urban lifestyle and refers to living in the moment and being detached from your problems.  This bag can be worn in three different ways: as a backpack, as a shoulder bag, or held like a clutch.  When plans change in the blink of an eye, this bag can go from a stylish handbag completing any outfit to a practical backpack as you run downtown.  It’s the perfect bag for any city girl.

IDFW on FNL Network has made it possible for hundreds of designers from 5 continents to show their art in one place, something never done before.  I can’t wait to see what’s next for the network, as well as all of the talents involved.


Concept & Idea: Saif Rahman Sozib

Contributor by: Seana Crane