Britto-The Circle


Some people find a way back to their dark past.  A romantic evening turns into a nightmare when decades of vendetta and malevolence infiltrate the contemporary world to settle some unfinished business – is it mere reconciliation or revenge?

Synopsis in English:

Kushal and Mou are childhood friends. Eventually, it has turned into a strong relationship.

Mou has got a good opportunity outside India and will be gone for long, maybe forever from Kushal’s life. But they decide to meet one last time, to stay together. As promised, Kushal and Mou visit an old mansion that was recently converted into a standalone residence providing Lodging service.

But something starts to happen which makes Mou realize that history is coming back, and they are not only the ones in that mansion. The story is set in 2 time periods 1945 and 2020.

95% of the film is shot inside one small room. The day and night sequence has been achieved using only artificial lights.

This film is produced under the banner of Melting Point Films.

AMARA MUZIK is the Official Record label for this film.




Avinaba Pal Chaudhury


Directed & Edited by: PriyamChanda

Script and Screenplay: KausaniMitra

Cinematography: Arijit Sorkar

Makeup Artist:  HenaGayen, SushmitaSarkar and Ratna

Dubbing: Abarna Roy and AabirBiswas

Song: MadhumitaChatterjee

Lyrics: Sudip Bandopadhyay


The Film’s trailer crossed 3.6 K views in 3 days and is still counting.

The film was released on AMARA MUZIK BENGALI ‘s YouTube channel on 20th October and is currently streaming there.


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