IDFW Designer Feature 5

International Digital Fashion Week has a range of designers that all have creative and innovative ideas for looking at fashion.  Whether it be creating environmentally-friendly pieces, showcasing the design process, or drawing inspiration from unexpected places, designers such as Emily Ann Designs, Sanna Haute Eco-Couture, Human Wear, Gulnara Khalilova, Mongol Costumes, Di’Sadis, ZekenModa, Ozoda, Samo Collection, Molto Caldo, Ideal, and HAYDEN NG are changing the fashion industry.

At just 17 years old, Canadian designer Emily Ann created a sustainable and artistic collection for Emily Ann Designs’ spring-summer 2021 collection.  The looks mix streetwear with classic silhouettes to make something completely unique.  One of my favorite looks was the patchwork wide-leg jumpsuit.  Emily Ann used upcycled fabric for the patchwork on this piece, as well as other pieces throughout the collection.  This young designer is helping shape the future of fashion by creating clothing that is environmentally friendly and stylish at the same time.

SANNA Haute Eco-Couture is another brand that is aware of the environmental harm of fashion and puts the focus on creating sustainable pieces.  Their SS21 show on FNL Network features on-trend looks including color block jumpsuits and dresses, ribbed pants and tops, and halter necklines.  The Swedish brand does an amazing job at designing beautiful, flattering silhouettes.  This show is a must-see for all modern women looking for sustainable contemporary clothing.

From Uzbekistan, Human Wear designed menswear looks that honored their culture for IDFW.  The main part of the collection was the traditional chapans, which are robes tied with a kerchief.  The clothing was made up of bright colors and statement patterns.  Adorned with exquisite embroidery, the attention to detail was very apparent throughout this collection.  Watch the full Human Wear IDFW video on FNL Network to see the beauty.

Gulnara Khalilova from Azerbaijan, Baku showed their National Dress Collection on IDFW.  The designs were of traditional Baku dresses in bright colors.  The fabrics used for these pieces were breathtaking; the dresses shined as the models walked down the runway.  The collection is cohesive, yet all the pieces are very unique.  Each dress utilizes a mix of different colors and fabrics, but when the models were all standing together there was a clear theme.  The National Dress Collection by Gulnara Khalilova was incredible to watch, and I recommend anyone interested in Baku clothing to experience this on FNL Network.

The Mongolian brand, Mongol Costumes, put on a show with their video.  Throughout the models are shown doing various activities such as dancing, jumping, acting; there’s even a contortionist modeling the clothing.  There is a wide range of looks in this collection, all classic Mongolian wear for different life scenarios.  The Mongol Costumes IDFW video easily grabs the viewers’ attention and puts them in a different world for 5 minutes.  You won’t regret watching this one.

Plaid, plaid, plaid was the main focus of the Di’Sadis collection.  The Russian brand designed a grunge collection that featured fur and leather to create statement looks.  The dark plaids were mixed with accessories such as corsets, chunky chains, and leather bracelets.  These accents brought together the edgy looks and completed the well-thought-out Di’Sadis show.

ZekenModa put together a stylish winter-wear show.  Coats were the star of every look. From Kazakhstan, the brand draws inspiration from a traditional chapan to create modern jackets. Deep reds were used to make bold looks.  Furs were the main focus of the collection.  ZekenModa nailed making winter wear that is both stylish and warm.

Ozoda designed a collection for the classic woman.  The looks ranged from workwear to streetwear, from jumpsuits to evening gowns.  The show had a little bit of everything.  Many different fabrics and colors were used, which created a distinct collection that is for everyone.

Samo Collection, Molto Caldo, and Ideal are all brands from Uzbekistan that had the creative idea to show their entire design processes– from start to finish we got to see how their collections came to be.

Samo Collection created activewear that is perfect for the times we are living in.  Not being able to leave the house has had a lot of people rethinking their fashion choices and moving towards athleisure.  Samo Collection featured leggings, t-shirts, and matching sweatshirts and jogger sets.  This is the ideal work-from-home collection.

Molto Caldo’s brand is known for its luxury fur, stylish coats, and fashionable cardigans.  Their clothing is sophisticated and elevated for the modern woman.  The brand screams beauty with elegant layers.

Ideal’s fall/winter show can be described as stylish, yet classic workwear for both men and women.  Blazers, ties, and collared shirts were all key parts of the show.  For the women, dresses, skirt suits, and silk scarves were the focus.  Ideal mix the latest trends with time-honored silhouettes to create fashion-forward pieces for the office.

From Singapore, HAYDEN NG uses the city as the inspiration for the collection.  It’s said to be “simple, individualistic, and decidedly feminine with a modern approach to luxury.”  The brand tailors to the confident woman who is not only able to wear fashion trends but wear them with originality.  HAYDEN NG has created pieces that allow the customer to make them their own; they’re unique to each person who wears the item, something that is very difficult to do.  See the models wear the innovative clothing on FNL Network.

If you’re interested in watching the full shows for Emily Ann Designs, Sanna Haute Eco-Couture, Human Wear, Gulnara Khalilova, Mongol Costumes, Di’Sadis, ZekenModa, Ozoda, Samo Collection, Molto Caldo, Ideal, and HAYDEN NG, download the FNL Network app!  You won’t regret experiencing these one-of-a-kind collections.

International Digital Fashion Week has allowed designers from all over the world to show off their latest collections in one place which has lead fashion lovers everywhere to discover new brands and designs.  International Digital Fashion Week, along with the talented designers involved, has changed the game for fashion and will continue to be a key part of showing the latest collections.

The second season of International Digital Fashion Week is planned to premiere on February 25, 2021. If you are a designer and interested in showing with International Digital Fashion Week, please email [email protected].

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Concept & Idea: Saif Rahman Sozib

Contributor: Seana Crane