The mission of Creation from Aidarkhan Kaliyev

East and West have long and successfully converged in fashion and continue to influence each other. On the one hand, Asia was Europeanized and began to wear unusual clothes. On the other hand, the motifs, decor, designs and principles of Oriental clothing have penetrated into fashion during the last centuries and greatly changed the European concept of clothing.

Designers from the East began to set trends in the world of high fashion.  They bring their vision, connected with their own national mentality and knowledge of the peculiarities of their national clothing.

One of the first such designers of Kazakhstan, who “cut a window to Europe”, is Aidarkhan Kaliyev, who in his collections of outfits combines the national color in a modern style and has repeatedly represented Kazakhstan at international events.

It all started after Kazakhstan gained independence.  In the era of the 90s folk, costumes became popular. The first ethnographic collections of Aidarkhan Kaliev were presented under the names “Echo of ancient Taraz,” “Great Silk Road,” “Great Steppe,” “PeriTaraz.”

The appearance and colorful style of the collections aroused the bright interest of the audience, especially foreigners who were delighted and interested in the national costumes of nomads. Since then, since 2000, national costumes, which are in demand and popular in both the fashion industry and everyday life, among buyers, sew in the fashion house “Asyl-Design.”  And it is not surprising that in the last 10 years the founder of the style of “neo-folklore” was Aidarkhan Kaliyev, who creates at least two seasonal collections per year.

The basis of almost all themes of the collections are the friendly relations between the West and the East, the image and life of the ancient nomads and the Kazakh people, the Great Silk Road. The peculiarity of Mr. Aidarhan’s fashion house lies in the fact that it produces fabrics with the ethnic style of the author’s print (development of a pattern applied to the surface of the fabric), adapted to new models and made using computer technology.

Since 2000, the fashion house “Asyl-Design” has been developing costumes and props for major orchestras and ensembles, many creative groups and a variety of artists.  Against the backdrop of the world’s famous artists are not lost such famous opera singers as Camilla Ribeiro Sauso and Myra Muhamedkzy, etc., who gladly used the services of the fashion house “Asyl-Design” to shine both on stage and in life.

Aidarkhan Kaliyev is the chief designer of the Asyl Design Fashion House which arose as a result of work and perseverance, talent and rich imagination.  He is also the founder of the Aspara College of Modeling and Business in Taraz, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Art Studies, a member of the Association of Clothing and Textile Manufacturers of the People’s Republic of China, a member of the Union of Designers of Kazakhstan, a member of the International Union of Designers of Uzbekistan, a member of the Eurasian Union of Designers, an official partner of more than 10 of the world’s largest fashion weeks and the author of over 80 image and seasonal collections. Long and deservedly considered the founder of the style of “neo-folklore” in Kazakhstan.

Thank you to Aidarkhan Kaliyev that in 20 years of its existence his aspara college has become a brand in the field of education of our country and recognizable in the global world of fashion, as a platform where fashion industry professionals are trained as an innovator in education and production. During its existence, Aspara College became known for its alumni who promote the culture and traditions of nomads in world fashion. It is there that young designers are taught the concept of two immutable rules: the first – no modernization can take place without the preservation of national culture; second, to move forward, we need to abandon those elements of the past that prevent the nation from developing.  Young designers have the opportunity to successfully assimilate the development of the fashion industry of Kazakhstan, learn the ability to cooperate at the international level in the world of fashion, raise the status of professions related to the manufacture of clothing and traditional crafts.

Since 1999, the Aspara College of Modeling arts and business has trained more than 500 talented designers and fashion designers, hairdressers, make-up artists in demand in all the cities of Taraz and Kazakhstan. Aidarkhan as a founder contributes to the training of specialists.

Designer KaliyevAidarkhanMiralievich works competently, talentedly and easily in this direction, and, based on the program of spiritual development, revives in modern fashion unique Kazakh styles and traditions of centuries-old Kazakhs, claiming that the national heritage of our ancestors has always existed.

Under his leadership, brand models from the domestic brands “ASPARA” and “Aidar Khan” are produced.

His name has become a brand, it is now known even those who are far from the fashion-sphere, Aidarkhan became the first designer who dictated not only the style of clothing but also the style of neofolclor in life.

For his work and work, the designer was awarded prestigious awards and participation in large-scale international fashion festivals: the International Fashion Designers Competition “Couturier of the Year” (Moscow); Baltic Fashion Week (Riga, Latvia); International National Costume Festival (Astana); Displays of author’s collections at the World Expo (Spain, Germany, China, Kazakhstan); displays of the author’s collection at the WTM International Exhibition in London; Eurasian Fashion Week in China, Fashion Week in Serbia; Asian Fashion Week Europe in the Netherlands and Milan Fashion Week.

Aidarkhan Kaliyev is the first Asian designer to take part in official fashion week programs in Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, Berlin, Istanbul, Stockholm, Spain, Malaysia, Serbia, Delhi, China. Thanks to his activities, for the first time since 2018, international screenings were organized in the Southern Region of Kazakhstan and the whole world started talking about Kazakhstan. Huge, time-consuming and painstaking work has been done in this direction.

The first season of “ASPARA FASHION WEEK” took place from May 10-12, 2018 in Shymkent, allowing the world to make a name for itself in the global community: the whole world learned about “ASPARA FASHION WEEK”.

The second season of ASPARA FASHION WEEK took place from October 8 to October 12, 2018, in Taraz. This season has managed to glorify our glorious city of Taraz, which was the capital of many states and a major trading center of the Great Silk Road. In addition to showing the next new collections, master classes in craft: weaving craftsmanship and pottery were held in the second season of ASPARA FASHION WEEK.

The 2nd season of ASPARA FASHION WEEK UZBEKISTAN was held in Tashkent from April 25-29, 2019.   The main goal of the II season was to strengthen the friendship between the countries, enrich cultures, attract and promote young budding designers not only from Uzbekistan but also the entire Central Asian region and the entire Turkic world.

At the start of the 4th season of ASPARA FASHION WEEK, the 20th anniversary of the Aspara College of Modeling and Business was held. Guests and experts from Kazakhstan, Far and Near Abroad came to celebrate the college’s anniversary.

According to the results of the first 3 seasons of ASPARA FASHION WEEK, AidarkhanCamealiev attracted the attention not only of the world fashion industry, but also of millions of fashion and art lovers from all over the world. Therefore, from 15 to 17 October 2019, the 4th season of ASPARA FASHION WEEK International Fashion Week was held in Taraz. This season brought together more than 15 fashion experts from Europe and Asia and 20 fashion designers from 10 countries. About Kazakhstan fashion and ASPARA FASHION WEEK wrote in many fashion publications in Europe and Asia (ELLE, Gazeta Italia, etc.), Internet resources and world TV channels (FNL Network, Worldstyles TV)

And now, the next 5 season in the city of Taraz from June 25 to 28, 2020, for the first time in the world, quickly passed the largest in Asia fashion project ASPARA FASHION WEEK online, which is still a platform for cooperation of many professionals not only in the field of the fashion industry, craftsmanship but also in culture and tourism. In the 5th season, 60 designers from 32 countries and 5 continents took part.

In order to prosper the culture of knowledge, preserve national identity, cooperate with foreign partners, every new season of the International Fashion Week “ASPARA FASHION WEEK” is held in different parts of our homeland.

Love for the native land, motifs of national music, desire to go only forward inspired AidarkhanKovalev to the 6th season of the International Fashion Week ASPARA FASHION WEEK, which took place from October 7 to 12 in the picturesque corner of Kazakhstan – Merke.  This time, designers from 37 countries took part in one of the biggest events of the fashion industry, and about 100 collections were shown

It was a new surge in the world of the fashion industry, a new leap forward, a new achievement and many well-deserved words of gratitude.

In terms of its credibility and level of invited guests “ASPARA FASHION WEEK” is already put on a par with such fashion weeks as Paris, Milan, New York Fashion Week, Fashion Week Berlin, Shanghai Fashion Week and Serbia Fashion Week, etc.


stretched for 4 days, all this time, not to surprise with exquisite ideas, original concepts, creativity and bold ex-events, reflecting the entire palette of the modern fashion industry.

From the extraordinary beauty of dresses, couture collections, sophistication, restraint and relaxation, showing that different cultures can coexist peacefully.

All the collections shown were characteristic of different styles, but the first violin in each of them played ethnic motifs. This was the leitmotif of the VI program of the International Fashion Week “ASPARA FASHION WEEK – MERKE”

Thanks to designers such as AidarkhanKaliyev, Kazakh national outfits are increasingly gaining recognition from fashionable European critics.   It is no secret that the national costume is not only a way out, but also everyday clothes, emphasizing the inner individuality and style.  Fashion for ethnic style is always relevant.

The purpose and talent of AidarkhanMiralievichare aimed at the benefit of the homeland, building systematic work to popularize the culture, art and traditions of Kazakhstan in the world community, and the formation of stable channels of intercultural exchange. At the same time, the bet is placed on the promotion of contemporary culture and art, both in form and content.

For many years to come, the name of AidarkhanKalievwas heard both in the West and in the East.  For his solid merits, skill, hard work and love for the Motherland, in 2015 he was awarded an honorary certificate of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, in 2019 – a thank-you letter from the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the majlis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as a thank-you letter from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The ASPARA project was included in the top 20 projects under the social initiative accelerator program implemented by the Kazakhstan Institute of Public Development, RuhaniYayru. The aim of the accelerator program is to create conditions for the formation of Kazakhstan’s brands, the entry of such projects to the national and international level. In this direction, the designer KalievAydarkhanMiralievich works in modern fashion, reviving centuries-old unique Kazakh styles and traditions in modern fashion, claiming that the national heritage of our ancestors has always existed. Well, Kazakhstan fashion has risen even higher in the direction of a professional, industrial product, which meets international standards.

Despite 27 years of experience in the fashion industry, in the world of PR AidarkhanKaliyev is a very simple, modest, discreet person and, at the same time, an exquisite aesthete and patriot of his homeland.