Luissa Burton “The Official Green Queen” influential online Holistic health & wellness guru: Explores 100’s of natural & alternative therapies. 

Luissa Burton retired model and international beauty queen is passionate about helping raise awareness for alternative healing methods #GreenIsTheNewSexy. Earlier this year she was nominated for the “Biggest change maker/disruptor” at the Online Influence Awards 2020. In this article, she interviews renowned posture coach, Heather Snyder at “The Graceful Body” in New York on the importance of body alignment. 

Luissa’s website biography states:

“I bring peace to myself, others and the planet”. She does this through holistic health and wellness, speaking/coaching, her spiritual gifts and environmental activism. She coined the phrases #SelfPeace a play on the beauty queen stereotype “world peace” and #GreenIsTheNewSexy. She overcame her own personal health struggles with full-body skin conditions- eczema/psoriasis, anxiety, depression and panic attacks. Luissa overcame binge eating disorder fixed her gut health, dived deep into shadow work and now shares her wisdom to help others find #SelfPeace (inner peace).”

Luissa attributed healing her health and soul struggles with natural and alternative medicine and therapies and wants to share this knowledge with others. She has experimented with hundreds of alternative healing modalities from working with shamans from the Yawanawá tribe of Brazil to completing 10 days of silence at a Vipassana (silent) retreat in Myanmar. Other therapies she has delved into, to list a few, are Ayurvedic practices, working with osteopaths, past life regression, NATE therapy, crystals, quantum theta healing, kinesiology, acupuncture, reiki, wilderness therapy and she has extensively studied gut health and herbs as natural medicine. She is passionate about raising awareness for “other ways” to take care of ourselves physically and spiritually whilst respecting the planet.

Today the spotlight is on posture. As a former model Luissa spent a lot of time in high heels and now as an online brand she spends a lot of time working from her phone – both of which are not great for posture!

Luissa says, “I had a virtual consultation with Heather and we discussed the dangers of ‘text neck’ which is ever increasing in our digital society. Just from a quick evaluation, we discovered that I had a minor misalignment that was pushing my shoulders forward and my hips back (almost in an S shape) due to lifestyle habits.

This is very common however it’s not something that we want to ignore. Heather’s usual patients are over 50 and the reason for that is because we often do not consciously think of these things until they add up to bigger problems like major back issues or needing surgery. My misalignment can be easily fixed with some conscious daily habit changes and Heather’s quick and effective tool on how better to hold myself. By taking charge of this now, I can completely fix this in a few short weeks and also prevent any larger issues from occurring further down the line. We are not taught in school how to hold ourselves and I truly believe this should be taught alongside exercise classes. Healthy posture is so important because it is integral to our spine health. I also felt the benefit of easier breathing from the minor postural alignment. It improves our digestion as we aren’t compressing our body and it even impacts our mindset positively!

Heather was amazingly knowledgeable. I recommend we all start taking into consideration our posture as part of our lifestyle. Heather has an online posture course that gives step A to Z info on how to take care of your skeletal health. You can check her out on Instagram @good.posture.mama and for more info! Learning good posture is not only a gift to ourselves but that knowledge can then be passed down and educated to our children so that they learn good habits from the start.

It’s so important that we start looking at the root of problems through holistic means to protect and preserve our health so that we rely less on conventional medicine long term. Prevention is better than cure!”

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