NIZIE the most famous Crimean Tatar fashion designer

Nizie Emirshah is the brilliant Crimean Tatar mind that is behind the fashion brand NIZIE, she’s an ambitious and talented fashion designer who skillfully intertwines the Crimean Tatar ethnic elements with the avant-garde.

Nizie believes that design isn’t always about fashion but about searching for individuality. She has previously won a Grand Prix in the “Ethno Podium” contest. She has also shown her collection in Milan and Paris and has been invited to show her collection at New York Fashion Week and Dubai Fashion Week.

NIZIE will also be showcased in Singapore at the ASEAN International Digital Fashion week 2021. Her folklore designs of the Crimean Tatars mix ethnic allure, constructivist lines and contemporary coloring decisions and fabrics. You can check her past collections on the FNL Network alongside her newest collection that is appearing on FNL Network’s International Digital Fashion Week with this link

  1. What inspired you the most when you were working on the collection?

I love what I do. I don’t see myself anywhere else. It is very important for me to engage with art, to be free and to do what I believe. I believe I can achieve great results and levels in fashion design and promote Crimean Tatar culture to a greater level. I want to do this very delicately. Sometimes people may not understand how Crimean Tatars wear their clothes, but they will produce them because they like these clothes. I will know that I have done this by myself and that it has a deep meaning.

2. It is very important for you that the designs are not harmful to the environment and this collection is made of eco-friendly fabrics. Is there any specific aspect of the way you work with these fabrics?

We used natural fabrics and eco-friendly fabrics in the collection. I rejected the synthetics. Because we harm ourselves when we wear synthetics, we harm nature by using many different fabrics. It was important for me to use eco-friendly fabrics, but since this sector has not grown much, I couldn’t find all the fabrics I needed. Therefore, we have both eco-friendly and natural fabrics. We ordered the fabrics from China. It is not inexpensive to find them and bring them here to Russia. Also, the costs are higher when producing something experimental. A lot of work done for the implementation of this collection.

Besides, we have created a special ethnic-patterned fabric for this collection. Such a fabric has been made for the first time. For a long time, I was dreaming of bringing Crimean Tatar rug patterns into fabric. I’ve never seen that anywhere before. Nobody is interested in doing it at the time. But we did this. It is a unique fabric and it has very old ornaments on it. The ornament itself is a rhombus, symbolizing a woman’s belly. There is a child in the belly, and thorns symbolizing protection around the rhombus. And in fact, all these show that the lineage will continue.

3. How important is it to preserve old ethnic motifs in modern clothing?

I think it has meaning. Who are we without our traditions and our past? We have a culture, characteristics and history. They live in ourselves. And our characteristics should be expressed in some way – through clothing, accessories, music or dance. And even if it is impossible to avoid globalization, we can at least partially protect our culture.

Media Co-ordination: Saif Rahman Sozib

Contributor: Samantha Martha