‘Covid-19 A Global Lockdown’ The Movie

Since March 2020 the world has been on a global lockdown, for the fashion industry its impact has been far-reaching in ways that can’t be wiped away. In the movie “Covid-19 Global Lockdown” that premiered Dec 15, 2020, only on FNL Network you are taken into all the major cities around the world and shown how timid and unsure everyone is feeling during these uncertain times.


Rome looks as if it has become a shell of itself. Streets that were once lively and offered inspiration to many are now dead. Restaurants being forced to close, unsure if they will be able to recover and reopen once the pandemic passes.  Priests are even holding Mass from church rooftops to try to uplift everyone’s spirits within listening distance. In Paris you will notice how unprecedented the times have become, you feel how everyone’s life has been put on pause. Will Parisians be able to overcome this? Will they be able to hold strong and not go insane? Transportation has become lessened, with only select metros and buses remaining open. One of the few positives is that a city that would normally be highly polluted is getting a chance to heal itself.


When you open the windows and look up you can see the clear skies and breath the fresh air. Countries like The United Kingdom and Germany are running scarce on basic supplies. It’s becoming increasingly harder to find essentials like disinfects, canned goods, grains and pasta. All stores look as if a zombie apocalypse is about to happen at any moment.

To see how eerie these once lively cities who are often lively with tourists looked during the lockdown, be sure to grab a cup of tea or coffee and watch “Covid-19 a Global Lockdown” in the movies section on the FNL Network, streaming for free all over the world. Just click on this link https://beacons.page/fnl.network

Media Co-ordination: Saif Rahman Sozib

Written by: Samantha Martha