The World of Iris Brosch

Iris Brosch is one of the few successful women in the international world of fashion photography. She is able to capture feminine, charismatic and strong women in her photography. Iris’ fashion photographs have been featured in Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire.

Her art photography and films have been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, Cannes film festival, World Expo in Milan, Goethe Institute in Washington, Palais de Tokyo in Paris. She currently has her own series on the FNL Network with this link you can install it and watch

The World of Iris Brosch for free.

Describe what beauty means to you?

What is beauty? Beauty is the freedom of appearance. Beauty is not at all about form, size, color, shape, or gender. Not at all. Beauty is about the freedom in your body and in your soul. If you take this beauty to express yourself in the deepest feeling and instinct, you are beautiful. Of course, it’s not easy to take this freedom, people need personal courage and not being afraid of breaking social and moral restrictions. That just forms us into subjects of consumers, but if you take this risk you will become beautiful and connect with your deepest inners.

What is the story behind this collection? Who/what inspired it?

Physical feminist has the right to take space is an episode on The World If Iris Brosch on FNL I dedicated to women with curves. I’ve been working for more than 20 years in the fashion industry and most of the time I’m working with girls’ size 38 or even 36 so I always wanted to produce some fashion shoots with rounder women. I was always told that this is not possible because the designer does not do the clothes for rounder girls and that was really frustrating. Till one long time ago I think it’s 10 years ago now I met with a stylist Ani Hovhannisyan in New York and I asked her again “oh don’t you want to do a story on rounder ladies?” And she said yes! She found clothes that weren’t Chanel or Dior but she found a lot of beautiful clothes. We did this story with I think 5 girls that all had beautiful curves and I loved the experience. I loved it because I had a lot of happiness during the shoot.

Strangely enough, these girls were so happy and confident, who said fat really enlightened? That’s not the case when you work with the typical kind of model. That was a beautiful experience and I kept on doing a lot of other rounder ladies because I think round is beautiful. And of course, being myself and a feminist, I’m always interested in having space for women and I was always thinking why was it that rounder women are not so easily accepted in our common space? Taking space for women is still not allowed. So, if women are taking physical space they are pretty strong already but it’s not wanted in the main system. Do you know?  Of course, the same thing happened to women in general, also mentally we are not allowed to take real space. That’s how I started the whole series, I think it’s really important to all women.

Do you believe that fashion has the potential to uplift one’s personal confidence?

Yes, I think fashion and dressing up will give you more confidence, if you dress in a nice dress or if you dress like a Rockstar you will feel like a Rockstar. So, make a little effort and get a beautiful dress out or have a cream white shirt on. It will make you feel differently. It’s really important. It’s a second skin and you don’t need to be rich to be fashionable. You can go into a secondhand shop and try different things out and find your style. Ask somebody who can help you. To be fashionable does not mean to have lots of money, it means more to have fantasy and confidence. Then you can wear something that costs a dollar and people will ask you where did you get it? That is what I think is the real fashion.

How long have you been working with the FNL network?

I am more than a year now with the FNL Network and I’m really excited to be a part of the team. The World of Iris Brosch is about fashion, art and feminism. You will be transported into a world of beauty, desire, sexual freedom and intellectual stimulation. You will not regret looking into it, go onto FNL Network and watch my now today with this link

Media Co-ordination: Saif Rahman Sozib

Contributor: Samantha Martha