Magician Raju’s first publication ‘Umbrella’

Raju is one of the well-known magicians of today. He is a very ordinary man. But there is no end to his qualities. Besides his amazing magic, his hobbies are painting, playing the flute and cooking. Though he is a microbiologist but completed MBA and LLM too. Recently Raju’s first book ‘ Umbrella’ had been published.

Magician Raju’s first publication ‘Umbrella’ is being published at the 2021 Amar Ekushey Book Fair. The book will be published at the fair by the publishing company ‘Wizard Publication’. The book is first publishing in 1426 Chaitra / April 2021. The cover, planning and illustration of the book is done by Sudipta Sikder.

Regarding the book, the magician Raju says that the book ‘Umbrella’ is basically the story of a depressed man. There are many things that happen in our lives that we cannot reveal to anyone. But we may be trapped in a web of remorse and forget to feel it for a while, or it may manifest itself in a horrible way. I have also tried to bring something similar. I hope the reader will like the book.

The magician Raju became known among the people mainly through magic. According to him, A magician means a kind of actor who is playing the role of a magician. His amazing magic put a smile on someone’s face. Alongside the magic we know him as a bansuri player who plays the flute with his wonderful tune. We see an impossibly beautiful canvas drawn by his hand always. Finally ‘Umbrella’ is being get by us.