How to survive as artists in 2021?

Alain Zirah and Anne Gomis have been making themselves known for years by producing the OFF de Cannes, which bring strong visibility to the artists via the Great International Web Contest (more information on the official website

Kat Ladies by Christophe MOURTHÉ

Saif Rahman: Alain Zirah & Anne Gomis, you are famous in France and in many countries, as OFF DE CANNES producers and its Great International Web Contest. I imagine it was very difficult for you to continue your job with artists during the pandemic crisis. How did you live in the year 2020?

Alain Zirah: A silly small thing has decided to wipe out the entire world population during one year. This invisible living being stopped the biggest rock’n’roll bands’ tours in the world. At the same time when the entire population is sinking into gloom between fear of the virus or the police, young people are asking us how to continue being artists during this health crisis. We always say we all need to adapt ourselves. Without pretending to be international stars, Anne Gomis and myself, bring you some advice to continue your activities over the past year 2020.

Anne Gomis: Last year, everybody was surprised by the sanitary crisis. It forced the Cannes Film Festival team to cancel its biggest film event in the world. For us, we did plan a shooting with the students of our partner the Noventis acting school. It was a good way to introduce themselves via a short film for OFF de Cannes. The shooting started on Friday, March 13, 2020, at the Buzine castle (the famous filmmaker Marcel Pagnol’s mother’s castle). Alas, President Macron announced the lockdown in France two days later. It was awful. During this lockdown, we were like in the jailhouse and we were closer to death than ever. My own mother lost as very close friends as Pape Diouf, the soccers trainer who was a member of my family, our partner Sabine Evrard from Noventis, Lydia Meseguer who was the coach for OFF de Cannes for several years… It was awful. So, to overcome such a situation the only way is to adapt yourself, to become lighter, and modify your activities. If the virus can mutate to survive, it’s the same for human beings. You must change yourselves lighter than ever.

model – Richard Nilsson – Anne Gomis – La Toya Jackso – Warda Nilsson. photo AZ Productions

Saif Rahman: So I understand you changed your mindset, but how did you change your activities?

Alain Zirah: It’s always very important to keep a positive mind. Most families stayed in their kitchen killing time with the bakery and watching digital series on Netflix. Because computers became our main companions, Anne and myself understood we had to be creative differently. After the know-how, the second piece of advice is to continue to let people know. We developed our relationships with international media and partners, and get many articles in magazines (Europe, USA, Asia). After each activity or each publication, it’s important to promote information on social networks to develop our communities. Another essential thing for us was to help our virtual friends to cultivate themselves. Spending my days telling Anne anecdotes about films, music stars, and books, she got the idea to film me in a show made at home. I talk to the virtual audience about why I like some celebrities who build my own personality, year after year. Anne found the tone “It’s not because we’re confined that we have to become complete idiots! ” We shot a show for YouTube to watch with your parents or children and made four 20/20 CULTURE shows. Rock, Sci-Fi, books and movies, comics, and a philosopher… In brief, everything I love. That was our new evolution.

Saif Rahman: After the show for YouTube you decided to communicate with Zoom on the radio?

Alain Zirah: After discovering Zoom, our goal was to adopt this new tool to our needs. After several articles published in British magazines, I took part in several meetings as a judge for the international competition of the WOW Pageants. This allowed me to develop a new audience and to receive two WOW Awards from London, including Best Artist 2020.

Anne Gomis: I proposed to Alain to develop our partnership with young web radio. The idea was to communicate each time we need. We had the idea to make an international talk show on the radio + ZoomTV, in French and English, to talk with our OFF de Cannes partners and winners. It was the best audience on the radio. Then Alain developed some international talk show, in English and French, on ZoomTV, every Tuesday evening.

Fox Eye by Alain Zirah & Anne Gomis Awards

Alain Zirah: Some years ago, I was lucky to meet Elton John several times and he told me: “Your name is too complicated to remember; AZ it’s easy!” It’s impossible not to appreciate a gift from Elton John. Take a nickname that is easy to remember. AZ it’s so much easier! That’s how the Made by AZ talk show was born. The take-show are visible in replay on

And because it’s essential to enjoy yourself and share what you love I’m preparing a Manga comic book called Kat Ladiz with the graphic designer Lionel Demai. About young girls who decide to become super heroins using the Girl Power.

Saif Rahman: You also were chosen to participate as judges for Mister and Miss Art 2021. How was it and are there others projects with that team?

Anne Gomis: At the beginning of the year, we both have been chosen as jury members for Mister and Miss Art 2021 founded by Adrie van de Nieuwenhof (Netherlands). We also are co-producers of The Family Film Awards with Dr. Olympia Gellini, which took place in Los Angeles, on March 24th and will air on April 22nd on the REELZ Television Network (70 million households nationwide). Olympia is our brother in heart and he loves the values of Art.

Alain Zirah: Olympia is a fantastic partner and American brother. I was also chosen by Beauty Queens Unlimited, Anushka van Andel, Mega model hunt GLF, and Ayse Top, Miss WOW 2020, as jury for the Fashion TV modeling academy. It was very cool to introduce ourselves in a video on GANAP TV Digital Awards 2021 (Philippines). We are very proud and honored to join Flame International Fashion & Arts (London) as partners. The Yana Flame’s Fashion show was astounding, with visibility all over the world. The team invited us again as jury members for Mister & Miss Art 2022 on GANAP TV, in February 2022, maybe in the Philippines, who knows?

Anne Gomis – photo Fox Eye

Saif Rahman: Tell us how the artists can participate in the Great International Web Contest?

Anne Gomis: It’s very simple. We invite all the artists in cinema, music, writing, fashion Fine Arts and visual arts, professional or amateur, to send their videos, photos, texts and music on the page

Unexpected prospects for the candidates with the famous show! We’ll bring them international visibility and maybe meet them on the Cannes’ red carpet for July 14th.

A 2021 French revolution!

Concept & Co-ordination: Saif Rahman Sozib