I fuse the trends with timeless pieces: George Khalife

1. Tell me a bit about your brand?

My brand is me. It is a collection of who I am and what I love. As a jewelry designer, I look at the neck, wrists, hands, ears, the entire body like an empty canvas. My passion is painting that canvas with gold and diamonds. Draping unique chains across women like Cleopatra.  Stacking bracelets on each wrist to create an interesting look. I mix it up and challenge traditional gender norms by using heavy classic men’s chains and bracelets for women and dainty women’s pieces for men. I always think outside the box. My brand is also very individualized to the client. Jewelry is extremely personal and that is what I love. It speaks to everyone. I fuse the trends with timeless pieces that can be worn every day and never taken off.

2. What’s the story behind this collection? Who/ what inspired it?

This collection is inspired by the celebrity and fashion world. My designs are a mix of high fashion with everyday items. My vision was to create statement necklaces and pieces that could be worn to the Met Gala or down a red carpet. I love to put my own twist on the current trends and complement pieces that you don’t normally see worn together. For example, I took the popular Cuban link chain, a traditionally large and heavy chain- and gave it a different purpose by incorporating crosses and draping it across the neck in a more delicate way.

3. What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

Social media plays a huge role in the fashion industry. It’s become an integral part of how brands communicate with the world today. So many businesses have created models of selling directly to their consumers through social media. Celebrities and influencers have become vehicles to sell products by posting looks and outfits. The accessibility is unparalleled. one post can reach millions of people allowing for inspiration and discovery of new brands. There is a trickle-down effect to the normal person wanting to share their looks with their friends. It’s been such a positive tool for my business and I know for other businesses as well.

4. Way to reach the showcase of fashion designers?

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