Edric Ong “I explore new textile techniques”

1.Tell me about your brand?

The unique fashion of Edric Ong combines a touch of the ethnic and oriental with the contemporary; innovating styles with creative use of hand-woven silks and cotton.

Edric Ong designs his own textiles mostly hand-woven, hand-painted, or hand-printed with natural colors derived from roots, bark, leaves and fruit peels from the rainforests. He draws his inspiration from the diverse ethnic culture of Malaysia. He is very much at the forefront of promoting the unique Iban ‘Pua Kumbu’ ikat textiles.

These creations have also won the UNESCO and World Crafts Council Award of Excellence, and are now much sought after by fashionable people internationally. The textiles were also given the prestigious Japanese “G” mark awards by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO).

Edric Ong was awarded the “Global Fashion Influencer 2016 at the Asian Fashion Awards and the “Malaysian Designer of the Year 2009” by Mercedes-Benz/Stylo.

Edric Ong continually explores new textile techniques for example direct stamping of Sarawak indigo leaves and squirrel foot ferns onto shibori silk jackets, and invents new expressions like ‘shiborikat’(shibori and ikat) and ‘batikat’ (batik and ikat).

2. The story about the Collection?

The Edric Ong 2021 Collection features jackets of corduroy cotton hand-painted with colors that specially glow under ultraviolet light.

Collaborating with Dayak artist Abot Gudang of Sarawak, the Tree of Life motif of indigenous Orang Ulu people are combined with traditional motifs in an arabesque design that reflects an Enchanted Forest theme.

Photographed under UV light, ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ model the Collection in a sensual and enchanting mood.

3. What role does social media play in fashion today?

Fashion is ever-changing and evolving, and trends are being set especially through social media.

The digital age has transformed the speed at which Fashion reaches a wider global audience instantly!

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