Aliya Kalieva “for everybody to have their own style”

1.Tell me a bit about your brand?

Unfortunately, I don’t have my brand yet, but I can tell you about myself. My name is Aliya Kalieva. I’m 23 years old. I am a designer from Kyrgyzstan. Since 2014, I have studied fashion design in college and received my bachelor’s degree at KGUSTA IIP. In 2020, I graduated from University and released a fashion collection under the direction of Irina Iliushenko called “Poppies of the Pamirs”. This collection was my thesis.

The concept of the collection is based on the idea of ​​the need to stimulate cultural education. As a result of spiritual development, that will be based on the desire for meaningful beauty. Filled with folk traditions, individuality and care for the environment.

The urgent task in 2020 was saving resources all over the world. Therefore, eco-friendly design became the basis for creating clothing. Models that will be relevant, comfortable, multifunctional and in demand for several seasons. Of every age and body type.

The clothing is made in a modern and ethnic style based on the use of natural and traditional materials. The use of traditional and simple cuts of the Kyrgyz costume and ornaments are styled based on the combinatorial method. Through the use of typed elements (modules) when creating a whole form. By combining parts that are proportional divisions within the basic form. As well as using techniques of permutation, insertions, grouping and organization of rhythms. The nature of the Pamirs became the creative sources. The contrast of the mountain landscape due to climate conditions manifests itself in the selection of materials with different characteristics and functions of biological origin. Such as wool processed into wool, natural silk, linen and silver.

The prototype of the image of the nomadic people in the Pamir mountains is a bright red flower – poppy.  It personifies both beauty and endurance, which is now relevant in conceptual fashion. Therefore, the bioform of the analog was transformed into stylized ornaments based on traditional ones, in the texture of materials, their color scheme and in the design of the forms of costumes and their individual parts.  Ornaments in the form of a poppy made of wool and silk are used to decorate the upper garments, like a pattern on silver buttons, and in accessories.

2. What’s the story behind this collection? Who/ what inspired it?

When creating the collection, traditional techniques of an environmentally friendly nature were used. For example, wool felting, hand weaving and embroidery. That helped by connecting parts of a costume by hand and using experimental mounting on loops and buttons were developed. Canvases of different textures were combined with crinkled silk and wool. Also, raw edges to achieve aesthetics. On top of the canvas, they were supplemented with sewn-on rhythmic details made of wool and silk. Figured stitching completed the complex composition, repeating the pattern of crinkled silk on wool creating ornamental motives. The combinatorial method was applied in the rearrangement and dismantling of parts and elements, creating new variants of shapes and proportions. The length and width of which can be adjusted depending on the season and purpose. All upper products of the collection are double-sided with different experimental textures and colors for greater practicality and variability of images and comfort.

The result of the work was a collection of models that once collected the positive characteristics of sustainable and conceptual design with an emphasis on innovation. By reminding modern people that they are inextricably linked with the environment. The culture of people in this world and the need to preserve the traditions of creation.

3. What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

I think social media plays a big role in fashion today. Since we used to learn about fashion from magazines and TV. Now we can watch live shows of different designers from different countries on the internet. That’s why fashion began to change quickly. A large number of people became interested in fashion. But it is most important for everybody to have their own style. We can offer our vision options for beauty and style. Each person chooses something of their own. Many try to stand out. That’s why the fashion world has become so diverse. Earlier the main cities of fashion were Milan, Paris and New York. Now thanks to the internet and competitions like FNL network and IDFW, we can know about designs from every country with their unique ideas and culture which makes fashion even brighter and richer.

4. Way to reach the showcase of a fashion designer?

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