Artur Rocha “I’ve photographed for Paris, London, Milan, and Lisbon Fashion Week.”

1.) How would you describe your photographs to someone who has never seen them?

I think that I capture beautiful photos of the catwalk and with what concerns the shoots, I work a lot on the staging of the models.  My goal is to find the best angle.

Artur Rocha

2.)   What major fashion events have you photographed for?

I have photographed for Paris, London, Milan, and Lisbon Fashion week. For Fashion Shows – I have photographed Paris City Fashion Week, Oriental Fashion Show, Alger Fashion Week, and Tiffany fashion week.

3.)   What is your process for your fashion photography from start to finish?

I always begin by my mood board with my team, the theme, makeup artist, hairstyle, the clothes and the chosen models. Organization for me is everything before the shooting. My inspiration comes from the clothes they are wearing, the natural lights, and the lighting.

4.)   What country are you based out of?

I’m from Paris, France.

5.)   Who is your favorite designer?

I really like Manish Arora’s talent and his colorful universe.

6.).  What gear do you use?

My equipment is Nikon and I have a few camera lenses from Sigma.

7.)  If you could photograph anyone, who would it be and why?

Elle MACPHERSON – She is a natural beauty. I’d like to photograph her because the interesting thing about her is that you can photograph her in all kinds of themes. She adapts to all styles.

8.)  What has been the highlight of your career so far?

I’ve never been to one of the professional schools to learn how to be a photographer.  The main thing for me is my creativity, and most of all to be able to integrate the fashion world that I never in my life thought I will be in. Today I’m so proud of my path, during this time I have met a lot of beautiful people and creative ones.

9.)  What is your favorite part about fashion photography?

For me, the most important thing is the good atmosphere with my team to get along and good relationships – thanks to these parameters set on the shooting day, everything will go well.

10.)   If you could give advice to a young photographer just beginning their journey – what would you say?

The advice I could give is to be discreet, really know your equipment well, and most of all is organized. With all these attitudes, they can have a good career.

11. What are you inspired by?

I get my inspiration from a lot of different talented photographers, but I have two favorites. Seydou KEITA (he’s Malian) – by seeing his work he made me want to do it and it’s very inspiring. He gave me the taste of shooting portraits. I also love the INEZ and VINOODH’s universe fashion.  They inspire me a lot, that’s the kind of shooting I want to do.

12.  What can we look forward to in 2021?

Unfortunately, it’s very hard to answer this question because of COVID-19 you can’t do anything, so I’ll be more aware of what will be my future project soon as this crisis will be over.