Rumah Rakuji “a variety of traditional Indonesian crafts”

1.Tell me a bit about your brand?

My Brand is Rumah Rakuji. Rumah means a house and Rumah Rakuji means a tidy house full of love and energy for sheltering Indonesian Culture, Art, and Craft. Our Motto is FROM INDIGENOUS to MARVELLOUS. Created in 2002, Rumah Rakuji consistently works on a mission to promote a variety of traditional Indonesian crafts. Mostly made of eco-friendly natural material and dyes by artisans from Indonesia’s border-remote regions and the grassroots artisans. The prominence of Indonesian craft lies in its artistic attractiveness, skillful and quality of workmanship, creativity, and sensibility in the material selection which then forming a style, color, and texture that seems eternal, making them unique in nature.

2. What’s the story behind this collection? Who/ what inspired it?

The Story behind this collection (The Ulap Doyo Fashion)

Ulap Doyo means woven textile made from the natural fiber of DOYO leaves (Doyo – curculigolatifolia leaves) is an original textile product of the Dayak Benuaq tribe. Living in the hinterland of East Kalimantan, developed decades ago for a traditional sacred costume for the tribe’s ritual. At ULAP DOYO FASHION we produce fashionable eco-friendly designs with the development of the Ulap Doyo original textile. Born in tropical surroundings, Ulap Doyo is knocking on the door of the Autumn and winter fashion world with its natural fiber and natural dye while exposing a new, fresh natural look to the fashion industry. The Textile and fashion designer is Myra Widiono, Founder of Rumah Rakuji. The inspiration is to promote the uniqueness of the Ulap Doyo products, the weaver, the artisan as well as the village where the Ulap Doyo came from. Rumah Rakuji Indonesia proudly presents 7 (seven) outfits of the latest collection for IDFW – Fall Winter 2021.

3. What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

The role of social media in the fashion industry has brought connectedness, innovation, and diversity to the industry. Instagram, for example, functions as a live magazine, always updating itself with the best, most current trends while allowing users to participate in fashion rather than just watch from a far.

4. Way to reach the showcase of a fashion designer?

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