Thalassa Beachwear “Leaves, an Impression”

1.Tell me a bit about your brand?

Thalassa Beachwear was established in Trinidad and Tobago by two fashion enthusiastic sisters with a passion to create their own unique brand which embodies the idealism of the Caribbean lifestyle and dream. They seek to encapsulate beautiful elements of nature into wearable pieces of art; Their vision is to become a globally recognized Caribbean brand while their mission strives to break stereotypes and borders with the inclusiveness and versatility of their collections.

2. What’s the story behind this collection? Who/ what inspired it?

Thalassa beachwear is proud to present its 2022

collection “Leaves, an Impression.”

This intricate swimwear line is tactfully crafted by blending bold contrasts of geometric laser-cut leaves draped over vibrant gradient hues; evoking the dance of light and shadow over lush flora, and highlighting the mesmerizing beauty of the Caribbean fauna, in their betta fishtails inspired resort wear designs.

The “Leaves, an Impression” collection is fashion-forward, modern, hip with an edgy twist to invoke a remarkable juxtaposition of color and style that encapsulates a fun tropical atmosphere.

3. What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

Fashion is not just couture, it’s a lifestyle. It tells a story about us as individuals, our experiences and how we perceive life around us. As such, social media is a gateway for broadcasting and sharing our unique style, culture and creativity, in a technologically evolving society. Keeping up-to-date with the major changes caused by the pandemic, Thalassa Beachwear uses social media to create an image of its Caribbean identity and culture. Their designs not only reflect the bright Caribbean atmosphere but also the Caribbean lifestyle and dream. They are bringing the Caribbean experience to you through fashion.

4. Way to reach the showcase of a fashion designer?

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