Tanoti “the creations which arise from our handlooms”

1. Tell me a bit about your brand?

At Tanoti, we focus on evolving the creations which arise from our handlooms. Our weavers are masters of complex traditional weaving techniques of Malaysia, producing opulent brocaded fabric known as ‘songket’. Over time, they undertake an innovation in the atelier of Tanoti House, introducing new and unique elements to their weaving projects.

The weaves produced using leather are the new material, a renaissance of the old. The weaver manipulates the characteristics of the leather to produce a fabric that has the capability to deliver dimension, form, structure, fluidity and pattern.

Tanoti Leatherweaves: the material which is fashion on its own.

2. What’s the story behind this collection? Who/ what inspired it?

Tanoti was born of a community of weavers accomplished in the art of songket weaving, producing opulent traditional brocades of the Malay world. Trained by a foundation established by the former Queen of Malaysia, the team transitioned from public research workshop to private atelier in 2012, with a firm resolve to preserve this dying heritage and sustain the craft. The transition demanded innovation, our weavers turning their hands to new designs and products, from fashion to furnishings, but always maintaining traditional techniques on original looms to produce fabrics of the highest quality.

3. What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

Social media can function to both enhance as well as destroy a brand. It is a largely unregulated platform that allows all types of communications to be conducted, and hence management of social media needs to be both strategic and dynamic to be able to convey the brand to the public.

4. Way to reach the showcase of a fashion designer?

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