Posh Me’Ke “women being independent, powerful but fashionable”

1. Tell me a bit about your brand? and What’s the story behind this collection? Who/ what inspired it?

The name and the concept of the brand are inspired by my sister and me. Having the love for classic staple garments; the Posh Me’Ke brand took that idea mixed it with Edge (Morgen E) meets conservative (Kimberly E.)

Developed in 2015, but launched in 2017, the goal was to create garments that are versatile, in that importance was placed on women being independent, powerful but fashionable. This is based on my lifestyle of wearing many different hats. In making my vision a reality, I created and designed a concept of a “backless skirt”- this garment is a conversation piece that adds confidence to the Posh Me’Ke Woman. My customer loves classic, simple, and unique garments that could be worn in various settings. Posh Me’Ke’s garments are structured, chic, and timeless.

2. What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

Social Media plays a huge role in fashion today. Designers are able to be transparent with the process of designing and making garments. Social media allows consumers to take a tour of the designer’s life which creates a personable atmosphere.

3. Way to reach the showcase of a fashion designer?

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