Miss Multiverse a journey and adventure of achievement beyond beauty

We are growing fast, Miss Multiverse is a Ph.D. in contests. We do not have judges, all are honest and fair based on real scores that contestants obtain through daily challenges in all possible fields (iQ, business, social, fitness, media, marketing, charity, drive, leadership and so much more)

All are beautiful so no scores are given for looks, walks, smiles, etc.

We are looking to find the most multifaceted woman among all contestants. The woman who has got it all. Miss Multiverse.

We film the 10 episodes in 3 weeks full of challenges and some contestants will not make it to the end. Those with the lowest scores are sent home.

It’s an adventure, a journey to see what each contestant is capable of.

The ultimate and epic contest for modern women of today that no longer want to be judged upon their looks but win based upon their merits.

“It’s unique (i say proudly)” said Linda Grandia (CEO, Miss Multiverse)

Sponsord  by Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana.