Make Swimwear look Glamorous

With summer comes swimwear. From lazy days spent relaxing by the pool or yacht vacationing chances are that many of your summer days will be spent in a swimsuit. In fact, swimwear is the perfect canvas for beautiful jeweled accessories. Because swimsuits boast minimal fabric, they are the perfect way to highlight exceptional jewelry. 

Be exclusive and emphasize Statement necklaces and bracelets to add that oomph factor. Color blocking is a unique way to match jewelry with swimwear as it adds color and character to the final look. Being creative and bold makes you stand out while vacationing. Mona Shroff Jewellery beach wear jewelry is handmade with natural materials like coconut shell, oversized pearls, wood, beads, resin and paper mache.  These materials are treated to prevent pesticides before painting them with vegetable color dyes.

Jewelry has always played a great role in increasing our beauty and enhancing our looks. These pictures are from various fashion shows from all over the world. Be Colourful, Bold and Creative!

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