Vincent-Natasha Gay collaboration with Anjali phougat for an award-winning short film

Vincent-Natasha Gay (NV Gay, they/them pronouns) is a genderfluid creative, specializing in modeling, photography, and directing. NV has spent years developing a unique perspective on fashion and art by empowering others to see their own true beauty, rather than the defined beauty from others.

Through their work, they strive to show the world that loving and accepting yourself and those around you truly creates a special and inspiring space for everyone to blossom.

NV became involved with the Inclusion through Unity shoot when fashion designer & founder of luxury fashion house designerdreamcollection Anjali phougat approached them on wanting to create something different to showcase that anyone and everyone deserves to feel beautiful.

NV ran with this idea by creating a vision of having models show unity and strength through poses, expression, and words written on models’ hands. With Anjali, they created a powerful message of Inclusion and unity for all, regardless of gender, sexuality, body, race, etc.

More of NV’s work can be found at


Photo-credit @carolone rose photography

Makeup Arunita gosh

Hair by hairartjonez

Studio : creators studio

Styling : designerdreamcollection