Cannes Film Festival 2021: Alain Zirah & Anne Gomis

Garden Party of July 14th 

For the first time in 74 years, the Cannes film festival has taken place in the heat of July. On la Croisette, tuxedos and long dresses rub shoulders with vacationers in shorts and flip-flops. An opportunity that could not be missed Alain ZIRAH and Anne GOMIS.

OFF de Cannes Team with Spike Lee

For 15 years, they produce the OFF DE CANNES festival (2005) and the Great International Web Contest (2010) to bring international visibility to the artists. More than 9.000 artists from the cinema (directors, actors, actresses), music (singers, musicians, lyrical artists), dance, writing (writers, bloggers, influencers), fashion (designers, models, fashion photographers) and Fine Arts (photographers, painters, sculptors, digital artists) have submitted their works to participate in this digital competition.

Yasmina Lopez for Saint-Patron – photo Alain Zirah

To go from the local to the international level and be presented to 200.000 professionals with (Bruno Chatelin is the international president of the jury for 2021), 2 million film lovers with (Max Ricciardi joined the jury), international media partners and on

Anne Gomis & Alain Zirah in Villa Forbes – photo AZ Productions

The 14th of July is a historic date for France. The last presidents of the French republic invited the main personalities to the Presidential Palace of the Elysee for a mythic Garden Party. This year, president macron was not allowed to organize its event, due to the pandemic. So, Alain Zirah and Anne Gomis organized the OFF DE CANNES’ Garden Party of July 14th at the Palais Massier, a luxurious place during the Cannes festival, to celebrate their 15th anniversary.

Alain Zirah & friends in Le Majestic Cannes – photo AZ Productions

During all the afternoon, numerous artists performed on the stage with Eliot Cohen from the famous international Red Bus Recording Studios (London) as godfather. The show began with Adelia Martins and Francine Cazanobe with jazz songs from Saint Germain des Près.

Brazilian dancers adorned with multicolored feathers set the palace in the fire with Caliente rhythms and André Lenzi mixed martial arts and oriental dancers for Lame d’Orient. Then, the lyric singer Richard Rittermann came from the choregies of Orange where he sang with Roberto Alagna to offer extracts from operas as Carmen and Turandot.

The 600 happy few applaud the artists and the non-stop fashion shows with sumptuous dresses made with silver by Asta Jakubson and the blue creations by Anggy Haif, SylvanaK, Men Clash and Emeline K. Then the lingerie catwalk by Paulette Mouquet and swimwear made by Amira for Pretty Creation. A delirious public appreciates the underwear and swimwear shows. And the flashbulbs went off to immortalize the beautiful models who wore them and the artists who came from different countries.

Alain Zirah & Anne Gomis & fiends in Le Majestic Cannes – photo AZ Productions

The Swiss tap dance champion, Angelo Borer, launched into a performance before Devy Man sends his sounds composed on a smartphone with the Japanese performance of Shigemi Sawa. Jean-Marie Monteiro, from Guinea-Bissau who played with Manu Dibango, gathered several women to dance on his song dedicated to all the mothers. The Indian musician Raghunath Manet sang an exotic melody with his vina before performing a holy dance. Many singers as Saori Jo, Indilov, Will Barber prepared for the after-party with the female DJ Galaxy Cat, Papa London, Divin, Malek Malekoumsa and the hypnotist Magnetik who surprised all the audience as Bebert le frelon, the French mascot of TV shows which sings in a bee outfit. The radio partners Radio Diamant (Paris) get a live show for one hour, Black Feeling Radio (Marseille) get interviews from City Djelass, Miss Brazil Barbara Vitorelli, Corazon Ugalde Armenta, Tony Stark and all the prestigious guests, Marc Deschamps was backstage with the artists for Enka Radio (Belgium), Cine Magazine (Cannes) get interviews inside the Palais.

Anne Gomis – photo by Alain Zirah

The fashion designer Enoka Fonseka (Sri Lanka) received the Grand Prix Fashion Coup de Coeur des OFF de Cannes for the quality and originality of her fashion show with gorgeous red models on the stairs of the palace.

You missed the show. But don’t worry. The OFF DE CANNES is organizing other events all year long. To participate in the next events, take your OFF de Cannes membership card which also offers many advantages:

” We don’t make events, we write a legend. Our mission is to exploit Talent on an international Arena and Live the Dream.”