Sustainable fashion by Abhishek Dutta

The collection is a mix of jackets and our resort wear but it’s all about sustainable living since the collection is made of handwoven s and upcycled materials.

Sustainability is the key to future fashion and the more we care about that we will have a better future. Machine made fabrics and polyester leaves behind a huge carbon footprint to minimize that our brand motto is to use all means of sustainability.

This collection is made from handwoven chanderi and cotton…and recycled faux leather…Generally for swimwear lycra is used which again is a synthetic material instead we used cotton cut in bias with cutwork design to provide the stretchability and look…similarly a relaxed sheer jacket and palazzo can be easily be done from chanderi….chic , comfortable yet ethical.

Sustainability is a concept which our gen Z needs to know for a better future and our brand promotes that fashion can be young and trendy with ethical means. Bright palette, Interesting cuts and different texture is the usp of this collection. This season looks trendy and fashionable yet taking care of our environment.

Photography: Vicky Banerjee & Thatagata Ghosh.
Model: Madhurima Basak (Actress)