Yasmin Ozer: What I’m doing is making every woman feel strong and independent

1. How would you describe your designs to someone who has never seen them?

I think I would probably start with the uniqueness of my designs. I always aim for the more different, more wild and more liberal designs. What I’m doing is making every woman feel strong and independent with my work. Because I’m also am such a woman.

2.  What are you most looking forward to for Paris City Fashion Week?

The American Cathedral excites me a lot. It used to be my dream when I was younger to marry in a Cathedral in France. Now I’m doing a show-run there, which is really thrilling.

3.  How can we follow your showcase for Paris City Fashion Week?

My showcase will be a surprise for the week. But after Fashion Week, I’ll be sharing some photographs of the same collection on my Instagram account: yagmurozerfashion

4.  Where do you draw inspiration from?

My inspiration honestly comes from within me. I always had to be a strong woman and life challenged me in many ways. I believed in myself and I got to the point where I am right now. Women only need to believe in themselves. There is an inspiration in that.

5.  What has been the highlight of your career so far?

The highlight of my career was when I had the confidence to start doing my own work. So basically, it was actually the beginning of my journey as a designer. I used to work with other people but I wasn’t totally allowed to create what I wanted to create. And it was a revelation for me to finally work without any consent.

6.  Who has been your favorite person to work with so far, and why?

I have to say that it’s Inanc Karaduman, who is my partner right now. We have been doing works together for years, he has a good grasp of understanding the way I am thinking when designing a new dress, etc.

7.  What is your favorite piece that you’ve designed so far (photos please!), and what is so intriguing about it?

The reason why this is my favorite creation is that it’s the first boots I ever made. I was very anxious during the process and it ended up so well, I was very proud of myself.

8.  Is there a milestone you have to determine that you’ve made your wildest dreams come true? What is it?

I want to be a world-renowned designer. The milestone for me is to work with a lot of celebrities and inspire other designers with my work.

9. Is there an exact moment you have of when you knew you were meant to be a designer?

Ever since I was a teenager I had a good understanding of fashion. I used to criticize famous brands’ newest products and I used to make additions to some of my clothes at home by myself. My mom used to say that I should be a tailor because of this.

10.  What country are you based out of?

My roots are coming from Abkhazia, a country in the northeast black sea; Caucasia. My elders moved into Turkey decades ago. I’m a Turkish citizen.

11. What can we look forward to in 2021?

It was very difficult to work under pandemic conditions. But I have faith that these dire times will end and I’ll be working on many many other projects, designs and showcases. So you can expect a lot of wild ideas from me this year 🙂