NGU Clothing, Paris Fashion Week

1. How would you describe your designs to someone who has never seen them?

Streetwear infused with Madras fabric. There is never a set style within the collection
that I create. However, you can always see the distinct street style fashion.

2. What are you most looking forward to for Paris City Fashion Week?

I’m looking forward to the kind of optimism and excitement that only Paris can champion.

3. How can we follow your showcase for Paris City Fashion Week?

You can follow us through Instagram @nguclothing Facebook @nevergiveupclothing
Twitter @nguclothing and our website is

4. Where do you draw inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from my country St. Lucia and our cultural designs. I’ve also been
inspired by designer Dapper Dan.

5. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

So far, the highlight has been, being an inspiration to my community and Country.

6. Who has been your favorite person to work with so far, and why?

Nimo Nayema is one of my favorite people to work with, I find that Nimo is extremely
talented and creative. Marcella Mitchell is also one of my favorites, she has a passion
for fashion and is so talented.

7. What is your favorite piece that you’ve designed so far (photo’s please!), and what is so intriguing about it?

This is my favorite piece, simply because it portrays my personal sense of fashion.

8. Is there a milestone you have to determine that you’ve made your wildest dreams come true? What is it?

Going to Paris fashion week is absolutely my wildest dream.

9. Is there an exact moment you have of when you knew you were meant to be a designer?

Definitely. When I stepped on the runway after doing my first show in Ottawa, Canada.

10. What country are you based out of?

I am based out of Canada.

11. What can we look forward to in 2021?

You can look forward to continued creativity and designs. As well as more collaborations with other designers.