A Successful Beauty Queen, Rimma Badun, is simply the best! I’m a perfectionist and I’ve been working on my talents all my life!

1) Hello Rimma! You are one of our contestants who already has a lot of experience in beauty pageants. We are honored to talk to you. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is RimmaBadun, I am 25 years old and I was born in Ukraine! I was born in a big doctor’s family, I also have a smaller brother and two sisters! I graduated from medical university 3 years ago, and now I am developing in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. For the last 4 years, I dedicated myself to the modeling business, worked with international beauty contests, took part in fashion weeks and photoshoots, and international events.

2) As I’ve mentioned, you already have a lot of experience. As a model, have you only done shootings, or did you do fashion shows as well? Who are some of the most famous designers you’ve worked with? Which fashion markets did you work in?

I successfully represented my country at 13 international beauty contests, I also took part in fashion weeks, Mercedes fashion week in Istanbul and Kiev, in China. There have been many different photo sessions for clothes in my life, but now I don’t remember many of them.

3) Again, we see that you truly have a lot of experience in beauty pageants and that you’ve traveled all around the world. Can you tell us a bit about your previous experiences in competitions? What about your results– what titles did you win? How many sashes do you have in your collection?

Beauty pageants are my passion! My titles and crowns (I have 8 international crowns):2nd Queen of Eurasia 2018; Miss Best Body Europe World 2019; Miss World Next Top Model 2019 r-up; Miss Tourism Universe r-up 2019; Supermodel World Noble Queen 2019; Miss Superglobe 2018 top finalist; Face of beauty international Ukraine 2013; Miss Talent Eurasia 2019; Miss Cosmo World  Ukraine 2019; Miss Planet Ukraine 2020; Miss Globe Ukraine 2020; Photomodel universe 2016 top-5.

4) You are also very talented. Could you tell us something about your talents, the ones you perhaps haven’t mentioned yet – painting and dancing? Did you have an opportunity to exhibit your art? If yes, where? What about dance competitions: have you ever participated in any, and what types of dances do you love?

Thank you very much!  Talent is a gift from God, since childhood I have been doing sports acrobatics, dancing, painting.  As a child, my parents helped me develop my talents, and I am also grateful to a very important person in my life – this is my art teacher from school, she taught me how to win, from early childhood I won more than 30 children’s drawing competitions, I have many drawing awards in children’s period.  Also, as an adult, I started oil painting and presented several paintings at the exhibition, it’s my hobby) as a child, I also successfully practiced sports acrobatics and took top places in sports competitions, then my mom took me to sports dances and we went to international dance competitions in Europe … It was a great childhood time when I began to travel and explore the world.

Now I am doing fitness, horseback riding, sports and dancing.  I do oil painting. Also now I am working on a collection of silk scarves with my drawings. I finished with professional sports and started dancing because I chose to study and l won many Olympiads in biology, geography, history, Ukrainian language, and was one of the best students in Ukraine when I was in school.  I’m a perfectionist:)

Check my talents here:

5) Could you tell us your reason for entering Miss Economic World? How do you see this organization? What are your thoughts? And what is your main reason for participating in this competition?

I was invited by my national director to take part in this competition and I am very grateful!  I am glad that there is such a beauty contest that not only focuses on the beauty of the face and body but also on personalities and is a good platform for promoting talented people!  I thank this competition, I want to develop my talents even more, and make this world more beautiful!  also, beauty is our body and face, which we must take care of, love (do sports, eat healthily, take care of our skin, lead a healthy lifestyle), but also develop inner qualities such as kindness, responsiveness.

6) If you were to place high in this pageant, would you dedicate your time to help this organization grow and develop? Would you promote it, and how? Do you have a goal to build your own brand? And if you do, I think you are in the right place!

Yes, of course, I would like to have a top place  and work with the organization Miss Economic World, because I think this is a great platform for promoting talented people … yes, I would like to create a personal brand and be successful on this

7) Tell us a few details about your country.

My native country is Ukraine, this is a country with wonderful people, with a kind soul, who loves to work … in my country, there is delicious food, but I don’t really like it, because l need to follow a diet and lm vegetarian). Ukraine has beautiful nature, rivers (the main thing is the Dnieper river),  Carpathian mountains, forests, black soil, and developed agriculture. Foreign students come to our country to study medicine, engineering. Ukraine has many traditions and many cultural developments. Our world-famous writers – Taras Shevchenko, LesyaUkrainka, Mikhail Kotsiubynsky  Also famous world composers and contemporary DJs and singers.

8.) What would you do if you were to win this beauty pageant? Is there any humanitarian agenda you stand for? And what are some humanitarian works you would like to stand for but perhaps haven’t gotten a chance yet?

There are several humanitarian areas that interest me. Previously, I took part in charity projects for orphans. Also, thanks to some competitions, we helped nursing homes.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rimma.badun


PR & Marketing: Svetlana Gavrilovic; Translation: Čarna-Senka Kolar