Alexander Rogers- digital marketing expert to Instagram Reel king

For over 8 years Alex Rogers has been helping organizations and individuals around the world grow brand awareness through social media and multimedia storytelling. Specializing in ‘Community Growth’ and ‘Leadership Engagement’, Alex was one of the first individuals in the world to receive the Facebook Digital Marketing Associate Certification as well as many other certifications from Facebook.

Alex has spent the last few years speaking around the world with organizations about how to strategically grow their brand through proper digital marketing and the use of digital media in business. Alex is the CoFounder of Alex Is Social, a social media marketing agency geared towards helping medium-size businesses grow their community.

Alex is also the Co-Founder of Creator’s Studio, a photography and videography rental studio for creator’s located in Central Ohio. He has served as a Global Mentor for the Facebook Communities CLC Program as well as several Non-Profit committees in his community. Alex spent a decade working in the Emergency Medicine field after attending Miami University where he studied Diplomacy in Foreign Affairs in Modern Standard Arabic. Later, Alex followed his passion for the digital creative world and started utilizing his photography and videography skills to start a new career.

Alex has been featured on numerous international podcasts, local radio shows, and is a multi-published photographer and videographer. Alex was recently Director of the film, ‘Inclusion Through Unity’ with fashion designer Anjali Phougat as the Producer. This short film received the 2021 Award for ‘Best Short Shot’ at the Global Short Film Awards at Cannes Film Festival. Alex has used his love of social media and videography to help countless celebrities, businesses, and news outlets tell their stories to the world.

Alex is passionate about supporting other creatives in his field. Watching and learning from other creators inspires him to grow daily in his field. Alex has been called the Instagram ‘Reel King’ by other creatives in his community and enjoys telling his personal daily journey through music. He enjoys spending time with his family, collaborating with other creatives and listening to music.


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