Twin Model Mari Kiladze: I’m gonna try to be the best version of myself!

1) Welcome! Tell us something about yourself. You’ve entered this competition together with your twin sister? Do you usually work together or is this a coincidence? It is really amazing to see that you two are sticking together. And you’ve both passed in the top 10. Are you happy?

My name is Mari. I’m 23 years old and I’m from Georgia. At the age of 6, I began acting and have worked for movies and commercials with different successful Georgian actors and actresses. Alongside acting, I was modeling and traveling especially in China and Italy. I have been traveling separated from my twin, but during my last trip to Beijing, we worked together and it was a great experience. We never planned to become competitors at the same pageant, but I always recommended and believed that it’s necessary to use all the chances and opportunities that life offers to become successful in every aspect.

2) How long have you been modeling? You’ve already competed in beauty pageants, right? Tell us about your biggest successes.

I have been modeling for 3 years, traveling around, and during this time, met a lot of interesting people – some of whom I consider my closest friends. My biggest success right now is the fact I’m one of the top 10 girls in this pageant.

3) You’ve mentioned you would like to start your own business. What is your area of interest – what business would you like to start? Do you already have a whole plan figured out? Is it fashion-related? Because if it is, the Super Star Foundation provides some useful advice for its ambassadors, when it comes to branding and finance, also with education and lectures, etc. What do you think about the whole concept of MEW?

I never talk about my future plans in advance. I believe it is better to show the results. Georgians often say: humans were planning and God was laughing. We can’t truly control any situation, for example, how many plans have changed during this covid situation and who was expecting it?

4) Tell us something about your talent video. Do you have more experience with fashion shows or shootings? Because you look amazing on the catwalk, you have a great attitude, good walk, all of it.

Thanks, I would say I’m experienced in both fashion shows and shootings, for example in Georgia, I had more shootings than fashion shows, but in China, it was the other way around.

Check this video!

5) What are your other talents? List all of them. We think this is your biggest advantage and we would like to know more about each.

I love to sing and dance, especially when I was younger – I was so active in both singing and dancing, but when I became a teenager, I decided to stop, and do acting and modeling instead.

6) Tell us about the country you come from.

The country that I come from is called Georgia – it is a little, traditional, and beautiful country with plenty of colors. I find it very hard to describe it in a message, but it is an amazing place to live in.

7) Why do you want to win? And if you do, your success would bring you a lot of fans, but perhaps some haters as well. Would it bother you, what are your thoughts regarding haters? What do you think is the right attitude for a winner to have?

Winning this contest will be a huge motivation for me. Both fans and haters motivate me to do harder whatever I do to become successful and the best version of myself, so I love them all and wish to get more.



PR & Marketing: Svetlana Gavrilovic; Translation: Čarna-Senka Kolar