Mysterious twin model Liza Kiladze with a dazzling look of a movie star!

1) Hello, Lisi! We’ve been excited and couldn’t wait to interview the other twin sister! How are you? Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello, I don’t like to talk about myself too much. I’m an actress and a model, and my sister and I were traveling around the world but Covid situation changed a lot in everyone’s life, so what I’m doing now is working and spending time with my beloved people.

2) How long have you been modeling? As long as your sister? We are interested to know if you’ve ever worked together in shootings or for a portfolio? If not, you really should! Do you wear matching clothes, or have you ever, when you were kids? Do you have similar fashion tastes?

Yes, we started modeling at the same age, and at the same agency. Our tastes are totally different, and from our childhood, our mom was trying her best to make us different from each other, so we never wore matching clothes. No, but when we were 4 years old our mom applied us both for the same contest and we won it.

3) Is this your first beauty pageant? If not, tell us, where did you compete? And have you won any titles? What do you think are the benefits of applying for a Miss?

No, when my sister and I were younger, our mom put us in the beauty contest we won. I think this contest will make me more famous and allow me to become more successful.

4) Tell me something about your talent video. We loved your Fashion show video, as well. What are the most famous brands and designers you have ever worn? You have done a lot of shows – were you a part of the agency or did you work as a freelancer? Who are your coaches? They’ve done an amazing job.

TamunaIngorokva, PatunaBushyhead, DatunaSulikashvili, Avtandil, and Georgia designers and also in Asia but it was too much.

Check our talent video:

5) In your video interview for the Miss Economic World, you’ve stated that you are interested in acting. Do you have acting experience? And which genre do you prefer?

Yes, I have been acting before and I have experience. My twin and I have been acting from age 6 and love it some much, especially the whole process of filming and communicating with people on break.

6) Our organization loved the way you look. If we focus on your physical appearance, we think that your most beautiful features are your eyes. You would be a perfect model for the cosmetic industry. Also, you look like a movie diva. You look like you have beauty, charisma, and a special spark many people wish to possess. How would you describe your personality? Do you think personality matters in this line of work?

Thanks. As people like to say about me, I’m friendly, loyal, caring. And I believe that personality matters.

7) As we’ve asked all the other candidates, we would love it if you too could tell us something about the country you come from. Are the traveling destinations in your country personal favorites, or do you have other preferences?

Georgia is the intersection of Europe and Asia. We have a great culture, history traditions and our own alphabet is one of the oldest and it is among the 14 alphabets of the world. There are so many reasons to be proud of my country.

8.) If you were to win, how do you think you could contribute to the organization. And what would you stand for?

I will keep it a secret for now.



PR & Marketing: Svetlana Gavrilovic; Translation: Čarna-Senka Kolar