Perfect figure and personality in one! Our beautiful Serbian model, Katarina Cvetković, adores posing, and we foresee a brilliant modeling career for her!

1) Hello, Katarina! Welcome! Tell us something about yourself. Where do you come from and what do you do?

Hello! I am Katarina Cvetković, and I’m 20 years old. I am a 176 cm tall model. I come from Leposavić, North Kosovo. I’ve finished gymnasium in Raška, department for languages and social sciences. Now I am specializing in financial management, and my goal is to finish everything on time. I enjoy spending time with friends, and in my free time, I like to work out. My university degree is very important to me, and because of that, I can see myself both as a financial manager and doing modeling. My primary goal is to finish my college degree and place high in competitions for Miss. Also, I wish to be successful in modeling. And I will work hard and give my all to be successful.

2.) As far as we know, you love to do modeling, and you love to pose! Can you tell us about your previous achievements as a model? What would you say are the biggest pros of this job? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Yes, I can say that modeling is my biggest passion. I have been doing modeling since 2019, and I have to say I have already accomplished a lot. I did dozens of shoots and was also the main face for ‘Lagano’, a boutique in Niš. I also did catalog shoots for ‘Tide’. I walked in fashion shows both in my own country and in countries abroad. One of the biggest fashion shows was VIP Fashion Week, where I wore dresses designed by various designers in Istanbul, for famous designers, like Marine Nazarchuk, Jasmine Drakul, EsseLian. I did a lot of shootings with photographers JovicaKosanović, Milan Rakić from Serbia, and MilošSavić. All in all, I’d say I did about 100 shootings.

3.)Tell us, why did you decide to enter Miss Economic World? Is this your first beauty pageant?

When I was visiting Belgrade, with a few of my good friends, we were listening to street performance and one of the musicians suddenly laid down his tambourine, pointed his finger at me, and said ‘you are so beautiful, you must be a model’. It may be a funny story, however, at that moment, I felt like something just clicked in my mind, and I decided to try modeling out. After some time, my agent informed me that I have a chance to enter a competition for Miss Economic World. He entered a few girls, however, the director, Svetlana Gavrilović, chose me. Of course, I immediately accepted and this is actually my first big pageant. I also participated in beauty pageants in Bosnia and Hercegovina for Miss Balkan and I was in the top 5.

4) I hear that you already had a lot of tasks to do, both from the agency and your national director. Tell us something about these tasks. Do you think they will boost your placement in the pageant? What was the most difficult, and what was the most interesting assignment to do? How do you get along with other girls?

Yes, we have. Well, when I have a desire to succeed, no task is too hard. Especially if I do what I love and what makes me happy. I have to say that the whole team has been so nice to us. But, I also have to mention my national director Svetlana Gavrilović. She gave me advice about modeling and the fashion world in general. I am truly grateful to her. I also enjoyed when she gave us a task to do promo photos, and when I had to do my talent video and photos. The most difficult task was the main one, the interview. However, I really do believe it will help us a lot. I get along with other girls, we stick together. Each one of us is special and unique in her own way.

5) We are coming back to modeling again! We were truly amazed by your talent video. Your advantage is your photogenicity and your perfect figure. In the video, we saw a lot of photos, various styles, changes – which one do you like the most? Tell us something more about your talent. Also, who organizes your shootings, and how do you come up with your ideas? We loved the shooting with fico! You really made us laugh. I honestly think that Ferrari will never be able to have such a model as yourself.

Well, thank you so much. Again, when I do something I love, really, there is no stopping me. I love urban style, and sports style. I have lots of talents, but for this, I decided to show my modeling. Modeling starts with rehearsals, training, practicing, posing, and of course attitude. My agent, Milan Rakić, organizes all of my shootings, and my uncle, photographer MilošSavić, came up with the fico idea. I have to say I loved it as well, it was badass. Yes, I also think Ferrari will never have such a model as fico did.

Please, check my talent video on this link:

6.) We’ve also noticed that, aside from the many talents you have, you are an extroverted, joyful, and social person. We love your energy and your personality and believe that it is a huge advantage for your future, both in modeling and in your other jobs. Tell me, did you meet a lot of new people while modeling? What about your friends? Are they your support, or is there some jealousy? Can you talk about your modeling work with them, or do you prefer to leave such conversations with people who are a part of the modeling world along with you? By the way, we think your attitude towards people around you is amazing and inspiring.

Yes. I have met new people and made new friends. Those who stayed with me throughout my journey are my real friends and they support me with everything I do. And with them, I can talk about anything. On the other hand, there will always be those people who are jealous, envious. My parents are my biggest support and they are always there to push me forward, and I am so grateful for that.

7) Tell us something about your country. You moved a couple of years ago, right? How did you handle moving to a new city? What do you like most about Serbia and your town?

Yes. I moved from Leposavić. Both of them I consider my countries. Kosovo is a part of Serbia, and Leposavić is the northernmost municipality in the Mitrovica District in Kosovo. It has an estimated population of 19,000 people. I handled my moving from Kosovo to Raška quite well. Raška is a small town where I finished high school. I love everything about it, however, even though I moved, my home town is Leposavić, it is where I was born and where I grew up, and I nothing can change that feeling. When it comes to Serbia, I have to say, what I love the most are the winters in Kopaonik. I usually go there to ski. Kopaonik is a mountain range located in Serbia and Kosovo, it stretches for 75 km in the north-south direction and covers about 40 km in width, and on its slopes, there is a Kopaonik ski resort which is one of the largest in Southeast Europe.

8.) Tell me, what would you do if you were to become Miss Economic World? How would you help the world become a better place?

My goal in life is to have a job that will allow me to live a good and successful life. However, I don’t ever want to neglect people who are most dear to me or deny myself time to enjoy my life. I wish to build a successful career, however, it is also important to me that I can relax and spend time with people I love. My parents are my biggest support, always there for me and always ready to offer good advice. They are the ones who are helping me find my way in life and raising me to be an honorable person, happy with her life and accomplishments.

It would be a huge honor if I win a Miss Economic World title. I would give my best to honor the trust and responsibilities the title brings upon the winner. Of course, I would stand for humanitarian work and organizations. For example, I would offer my help to sick children. I would collect money for them, and contribute in any way possible.

Miss: Katarina Cvetkovic   – Miss Economic World Serbia 2021.; Design: Milos Miletic Couture; Photos: BojanMilovic, Milan Rakić, Milos Savic, Dino Vendrasco, Spiro Frsheri, Agent: Milan Rakic  ( Modeling agency Snob  );Organized by the national director for Serbia –Svetlana Gavrilovic; Foundation: Superstar Art Foundation (New York, Rockefeller Plaza)