International Digital Fashion Week (IDFW) SS 2022

International Digital Fashion Week (IDFW) Spring/ Summer 2022, hosted exclusively on the FNL Network, will launch on October 2nd, 2021 at 08:00 EST. IDFW is the first and only international digital fashion week that showcases fashion designers from all over the globe and it airs exclusively on FNL Network for free.

Each show will be showcased through this network for half a year. This season, IDFW will accept and feature 50 talented designers. To apply click on this link Three of which will be winners of the International Digital Fashion Week Competition.

This new competition feature has awarded three aspiring designers with coveted spots on the International Digital Fashion Week platform. Emerging designers and excelling students are urged to apply through this link .

The top, hand-selected group will then be asked to submit a one-minute video that will be reviewed by a panel of judges proficient in the industry. The winners will be awarded global PR and market, an abundance of press, and spots on IDFW.

IDFW is raising the bar even higher this season with the launch of the IDFW Showroom this fall. The showroom will allow designers to take their collection one step further by exhibiting their merchandise for wholesale to buyers from all over the world. It’s a digital showroom with a director and staff with a list of 2500 buyers from all over the world who contacts online and brick-and-mortar stores to sell designer’s collections. This invitation-only platform is a revolutionary moment and the future of wholesale business in fashion.

International Digital Fashion Week is accessible everywhere around the world, from the comfort of your couch to your daily commute, for free only on FNL Network. FNL Network is available in the app store or channel store on your Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Android devices, all iOS devices, and all Mac Computers. Click to download the FNL Network for free: