Fashion Designer Wafaa LAHLAH, “I live with the thirst for success, regardless of the challenges I encounter.”

1.) How would you describe your work to someone who’s never seen it?

I consider that my work is the fruit of many long years, armed with passion and hard work and crowned by a rich experience.  This has given birth to collections of models characterized by a mixture of tastes and styles from two different cultures – Western and Eastern.  My work reflects a very original artistic creativity, and a personalized imagination.

2.) What are you inspired by in your creative process?

A line of models or a collection is never created by chance, it must be drawn by various inspirations.  I draw my inspirations especially from nature, and also from what I come across in my life and see on my travels.


3.) What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Having ambition is undoubtedly an essential element for anyone wishing to prosper in this niche, but managing your professional career well requires talent and a lot of selflessness. Among the best memories that I keep of my experiences is obviously my first fashion show in Paris.

4.) What is your biggest fantasy in how you see yourself living out your dream life as a world-renowned designer?

Fashion, as you know – is the industry of excellence where dream and reality coexist, and which also requires a lot of sacrifice and perseverance.  For me, my biggest dream is to have my own Haute-Couture label and to leave my fingerprints in Fashion history.

5.) What can we look forward to in the designs of your next collection?

I hope it will be a pleasant surprise and will live up to my ambitions.

6.)  Who was Chanel to you?

Chanel has always been among the most famous and emblematic figures of all time in French fashion.  She marked her era with her very personal style and her desire to liberate women. For me, Chanel is fashion itself.

7.)  What piece that you’ve designed are you most proud of and why? Describe it. 

Without any hesitation, I would say that my very first haute couture dress that I shaped as a beginner. It was made with a lot of passion and care using more than 600 peacock feathers.  I presented it at the end of my studies in fashion design and the result was breathtaking.

This dress has been published in many international publications to date.

8.) What plans do you have for 2020?

I hope that the year 2020 will be a whole new stage in my career. At the moment, I live two new experiences at the same time – between my incubation at INCUBALLIANCE (an excellent technological incubator in Orsay, France), and discovering new horizons in the United States while wishing to make me a respectable place in the future and promising.

9.) What’s one thing about you that people don’t know, but you wish they did?

Without any pretentiousness; I think that I have always been ambitious, passionate, and persevering in my work.   I live with a thirst for success regardless of the challenges I encounter.

10.) Where can we find you online?

Website :

fb: Wafaa Lahlah Couture

Instg: wafaalahlahfashion