Where Chic Hits the Streets, Zooonek’s Streetwear Collection

With a cool breeze in tow, Zooonek’s Streetwear collection rocked the digital runway with its exemplary streetwear collection.  Its Spring/Summer 22’ collection entitled “Freedom” showcases the finest streetwear fashions. As a chic urban streetwear line, Zooonek offers bold designs with a drop of class. With themes derived from the most exciting aspects of nature, the brand offers a breathtaking escape to viewers around the world.

Geoffrey Owens is the designer at Zooonek. As an innovative creative, Geoffrey sought to create one of the most empowering streetwear lines on the market. “It began with the rejected. I wanted to create a line where people who lack confidence feel empowered when they wear my garments. I want them to be cloaked with beautiful armor,” Geoffrey said.

Zooonek’s Spring/Summer 22’ line will definitely inspire confidence in the wearers and viewers of the collection. Sprinkled with bold prints and daringly classy silhouettes, Zooonek’s collection is the perfect cloak of armor.

“This collection is called freedom. Freedom means being released from capture, confinement, or slavery. To be released from physical obstruction, restraint, and entanglement. The removal of the undesirables. With this collection, I wanted to rebirth life. These garments were a full representation of bold colors, vibrance, and loose free-flowing fabrics, a collection that adds a touch of summer breeze whilst sitting poolside on a sunny evening. This collection was a reckoning, a release,” Geoffrey said.

Audiences and buyers alike couldn’t be more glad that Geoffrey unleashed his creativity in this collection. With joyous colors and striking cuts, Geoffrey’s designs are sure to capture the hearts of viewers and uplift their spirits. “I want viewers to evoke emotions of pure happiness as the vibrant colors pop off of the screen. I want them to feel how the fabric falls on the body, so they can see themselves in those garments,” Geoffrey said.

On October 2nd, Zooonek graced the digital runway with its collection on International Digital Fashion Week. Audiences from around the world watched Zooonek’s presentation in awe of the brightly printed silky fabrics. When asked what he enjoyed most about showcasing his collection on IDFW, Geoffrey responded, “I am grateful for the opportunity to experience global audiences. Geographically, the reach exceeds my wildest dreams. My garments are being shown in so many corners of the world.” Global audiences can still watch Zooonek’s classically bold presentation. Since presentations on IDFW are available for six months, viewers can still watch their favorite fashion lines showcase inspiring collections.

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Media Co-ordination: Saif Rahman Sozib

Written by Bethany Robertson