Immersed In Another World, Mayam Digital Studio’s Fashion Collection

Centered on expanding 3D design, Mayam rocked the world of fashion with an innovative concept: digital fashion. The brand’s recent Spring/Summer 22’ line transports viewers into a new realm of possibilities with a magical presentation. Mayam’s presentation gives viewers a glimpse into Mayam’s digital world.

“Mayam digital studio is all about emerging technologies, expanding 3D design and graphics capabilities,” Mayam’s brand ambassador said.

Upon viewing Mayam’s Spring/Summer 22’ collection, audiences witness the brand’s cutting edge technological capabilities. Presented with beautiful characters, glittering fabrics, and bold colors, viewers can quickly become immersed into Mayam’s world of fashion where anything is possible. In the show, audiences can witness flying avatars sporting the most dazzling designs while other digital models strut down the runway in their glittering outfits.

“The flying character is an avatar of a real-life model, Ksenia Bezuglova. Being a stunning model in a wheelchair, social activist, winner of the title Miss World among girls in wheelchairs, and motivational speaker, Ksenia is our ambassador of new era superpowers. Which, we believe, will soon be available to all people. The virtual catwalk opens much more opportunities for people than the material world,” Mayam’s brand ambassador said.

Mayam not only empowers individuals with the virtual catwalk, but the brand also works to create fashion in a sustainable way. By creating fashion digitally, the brand can still present new collections to viewers without the need for material resources.

“We believe that at its best, 3D technologies used in fashion can be an agent for social change,” Mayam’s brand ambassador said. As viewers watch Mayam’s captivating presentation, they are sure to be inspired by the sustainable and empowering capabilities of digital fashion.

On October 2nd, Mayam presented its Spring/Summer 22’ line alongside several other esteemed brands and designers from across the globe at International Digital Fashion Week. Audiences from around the world flocked to escape into Mayam’s fantastic world of digital fashion. When asked what the brand enjoyed most about presenting at IDFW, their ambassador responded, “The best feature of International Digital Fashion Week is that it is digital. Which absolutely reflects our principles, goals, and working style.” Viewers can still watch Mayam’s marvelous presentation. Because presentations are available on IDFW for six months, audiences still have the chance to immerse themselves into the diverse realm of fashion with their favorite brands.

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Media Coordination: Saif Rahman Sozib

Written by Bethany Robertson