Melor by Melinda Omar

Melinda Omar of Melor Brand collaborates with the weavers of Rumah Richard longhouse community for Tenun Fashion Week 2021. Especially hand-woven warp ikat cotton textiles with natural indigo dyes are given a modern and contemporary fashion twist for the urban woman.

The hand-woven ‘Pua Kumbu’ ikat patterns are referred to as ‘woven dreams’ by the Iban women weavers; literally inspired by dreams given to them by the weaving goddesses. Having a background as a professional model, Melinda Omar is constantly keeping up with the latest international fashion trends.

“Indigo or ‘tarum’ in Iban, is a natural dye that is grown by the Rumah Richard weavers themselves in their backyard, and is prepared fresh without fermentation” adds Melinda. Working with the weavers, she selected indigo as her colour for Spring Summer 2022.

“Blue indigo is a fashion colour that never goes out of date, and is well accepted by women of all ages internationally” explains Melinda.

She hopes that with this collection, she can promote the beauty of the Iban ‘pua kumbu’ ikat textiles to the international fashion world.

The Melor Collection is also showing at International Digital Fashion Week (IDFW) and Aspara Fashion Week.