Fashions Designed For Freedom, The Magic of Selma Moreno

Selma Moreno continues to dazzle the runway with its exquisite handmade designs. The brand’s bold, eye-catching designs are sure to instill confidence into any viewer of the collection. Each garment is carefully created by hand, and some even feature intricately beaded designs. Not only does the brand create beautiful designs, but it also creates with a purpose.

“Our mission is to empower the culture of indigenous communities by making the world aware of the care of our planet, which is why our designs are inspired by the beauty of nature,” Selma Moreno, the brand’s designer, said in an interview.

In designing sustainable fashions, Selma Moreno achieves that goal. Utilizing sustainable materials, Selma Moreno creates apparel just as gorgeous as nature. The brand’s Spring/Summer 22’ is the latest example showcasing Selma Moreno’s spectacular ability to create incredibly liberating designs.

“This collection is inspired by the combination of the beauty of women with the sensuality of nature, in its scents and colors giving way to liberating freedom,” Selma said.

Such inspiration is certainly reflected in the collection. With breathtaking colors, immaculate draping, and fantastic floral motifs, the collection definitely reflects the gorgeous sights available in nature. As audiences watch the splendid designs flow freely in the wind, they are sure to see the sense of freedom reflected throughout the collection.

“I want to show freedom of expression in each design, the empowerment of women today. Fashion and beauty are not exclusive; we want to project universal beauty. We want to highlight the talent and culture of the native peoples of Bolivia and Latin America, making each handcrafted piece with exclusive designs and the highest quality,” Selma said.

On October 2nd, Selma Moreno showcased its Spring/Summer 22’ collection on International Digital Fashion Week along with several other designers from around the globe. Audiences were amazed by Selma Moreno’s majestic and powerful presentation. When asked what she enjoyed most about participating in IDFW Selma responded, “the favorite part is to be able to reach all people through the platform without any distinction, leaving aside the tradition of the catwalk that is done in a certain place and for only some people.” Viewers from across the world can still watch Selma Moreno’s fabulous presentation. Since presentations on IDFW are available for six months, audiences can watch and rewatch their favorite designers present fantastic fashions.

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Written by Bethany Robertson