Traditions With a Modern Twist, KHATAN’s Fashion Collection

Inspired by traditional Mongolian Dress, KHATAN has combined modern fashions with traditional Mongolian attire to create the most unique fashion collection to have ever graced the runway. With sleek fabrics, chic silhouettes, and a dash of traditional patterns, KHATAN dazzled viewers with their Spring/Summer 22’ collection. The brand’s founder, Bayarma Balzhinimaeva, created KHATAN to support her daughter’s pursuit in a career in archery. However, KHATAN has done more than provide support to Bayarma’s family; it has also allowed Bayarma to fulfill her dreams.

“As a child, I loved to dress up, make doll clothes and always dreamed of becoming a clothing designer,” Bayarma said in an interview. KHATAN also serves to connect the next generation with the traditions of the Mongolian people.

“All 34 khatans (queens) of Mongolian history embodied honor, wisdom, and power. In all their guises, there was not only courage, heroism, but also femininity and selfless motherly love. Collection ‘KHATAN’ combines the historic traditions of ancestors, sophistication and modernity, new colors and fabrics,” Bayarma said.

In combining these ideas, KHATAN creates a gorgeous blend of modern and traditional styles that audiences are sure to fall in love with.

“Wearing ordinary, mass-produced clothes, following world fashion trends makes everyone look monotone. Every woman wants to stand out from the crowd and have a unique thing in her wardrobe; ‘KHATAN’ are the clothes that transform from ordinary to unique, from simple to dashing,” Bayarma said.

On October 2nd, KHATAN showcased its collection on International Digital Fashion Week along with other designers from around the world. When asked what she liked most about participating in IDFW, Bayarma responded:

“I am very happy to participate in such a large project. My legacy in the design world is just beginning. I am grateful for the opportunity to tell about our culture and traditions, which are not only from the time of Genghis Khan’s rule but can also be very modern. I hope to prove not only to the world but also to our younger generation, that it is fashionable to follow traditions and honor our culture. I am grateful to my family and friends, for always being there by my side at any moment. Big thank you to @nizie_emirshah and @roza_khaltueva for all the support and experience. I would like to wish everyone creative success, health and strength in this difficult time!”

Audiences are equally grateful for Bayarma’s work in the fashion industry. As viewers watch KHATAN’s presentation, they are sure to find an amazing escape into a world of graceful, gorgeous fashions. Since presentations on IDFW are available for six months, viewers can still admire the beautiful designs offered by KHATAN.

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Media Coordination: Saif Rahman Sozib

Written by Bethany Robertson