A Collaboration Destined To Be, Element Jewelry and KROHMALL

Two brands came together to create the most splendid collaboration seen on the runway. Elena Pavlyukova (founder of Element Jewelry) and Yulia Krokhmal (founder of KROHMALL) joined forces to create a powerful presentation for audiences all around the world to enjoy.

“My story is like the path of a samurai. Alone, choosing not the goal, but the path, while on the way you need the most thoughtful and light clothing,” Yulia said in an interview.

“so my first ring ‘Hope’ was born with a deep meaning for me, which gave rise to my long journey… The brand has combined natural stones— as the embodiment of the pristine world, the beauty of nature (which we often do not notice passing by every day)—and silver as the personification of our world, a little rough, industrial,” Elena said about her brand in an interview.

Though Element Jewelry and KROHMALL seem to be opposites, the two brands created the most seamless collaboration seen on the international stage. The loose, fantastically free-flowing garments of KROHMALL are perfectly paired with Element Jewelry’s beautifully bold accessories. Together, the brands create the most dreamy presentation. Audiences are sure to be captivated by the collaboration’s entrancing collection.

“The ‘Evolution’ collection was inspired by nature, the unique shapes of stones and fossils that have not been processed… In the world of progress and technology, many do not have time to notice the beauty of the world, nature, and ‘Evolution’ shows that very natural beauty,” Elena said about her jewelry collection.

“’Go To Red’ was inspired by a feeling… This year turned out to be revolutionary all over the world. Once again, my feeling did not overwhelm me. Got into the sensation of the world. Go to red! It is a call to go, go and not be afraid,” Yulia said about her fashion collection.

“Our task was to show how harmoniously wild nature can be combined with modern style. ‘Evolution’ and ‘Go to red’ is a collaboration about courage. In our images you can feel life, ‘real’, bright, passionate, in which there is no word ‘no’ and there is a place for non-standard solutions,” Elena and Yulia said. Their collections certainly came together in harmony. The collaboration between the two brands creates another world that audiences can escape into. Filled with striking silhouettes, bold colors, and daring styles, the collaboration is sure to captivate viewers.

On October 2nd, Element Jewelry and KROHMALL showcased their collaboration on International Digital Fashion Week along with several other designers from around the globe. When asked what they enjoyed most about participating in IDFW, Elena and Yulia said, “the opportunity to show our collection to the whole world, so that a large number of people can see how wildlife and everyday life are combined.” Audiences can still watch Element Jewelry and KROHMALL’s enchanting presentation. Since presentations on IDFW are available for six months, viewers can still watch and rewatch their favorite designers to showcase their fantastic collections.

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Media Coordination: Saif Rahman Sozib

Written by Bethany Robertson