Daringly Different, DAIR Design’s Spring/Summer 22’ Collection

A freely fearless brand, DAIR never hesitates to stand out. Its recent spring/summer 22’ collection came as no exception to that rule. With electrifying pops of color and stunning silhouettes, DAIR rocked the runway in impeccable style. Odair Pereira, the founder of the brand, created DAIR to bring out the inner beauty of everyone it adorns. Grounded in the belief that everyone is elegantly equal, DAIR seeks to allow everyone to express themselves in the most fearless fashions.

“DAIR design stands for creating an experience by combining fashion with movement, poetry, art, and entertainment. DAIR is creative, open minded, adventurous, and stands for you to be the best version of yourself in all ways,” Odair said.

DAIR’s spring/summer 22’ collection provides an exciting glimpse into what the brand is all about. Fabulously fashioned designs, glittering fabrics, and pops of purple personify DAIR’s daring style.

“The collection is inspired by the DAIR archive pieces throughout the 13 years of work. It’s a collection that is named the DAIR X 4.14.1 as in DAIR DNA. I was inspired by the message of the brand, inspired by the heartbeat of the brand, personality, style, and movement! The brand is personality, creativity, sex appeal, luxury, and movement. DAIR collection fits it all and we are not afraid to be the center of attention,” Odair said.

DAIR certainly stands out from the crowd. The brand’s bold fashions offer a fresh style that audiences are sure to love. “I hope they (viewers) will see fashion has no boundaries, age, or gender; it’s a celebration of everyone! DAIR collection fits it all,” Odair said.

On October 2nd, DAIR showcased its collection on International Digital Fashion Week along with several other designers from around the globe. When asked what he enjoys most about participating in IDFW, Odair said, “I love the fact that IDFW makes it possible for everyone wherever they are to be part of fashion and style… It’s an inspiration for everyone.” Audiences can still watch DAIR’s breathtaking presentation. Since presentations on IDFW are available for six months, viewers can watch and rewatch their favorite designers present fantastic collections.

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Media Coordination: Saif Rahman Sozib

Written by Bethany Robertson