Royal Fantasies, Viann’ k Mansur’s Dreamy IDFW Collection

Viann’k Mansur presented the most dreamy collection seen on the runway. With voluptuous silhouettes, rich beaded details, and glittering fabrics, Viann’k Mansur’s fantastic collection captivated global audiences. Viann Aquino, the owner of the brand, is an expert designer with much experience in the fashion industry.

“I spent a great part of my life working and designing for different brands until I decided to create my own company, and it is a decision that changed my life forever.To be honest, this was not something that I expected, but I’m so glad about the life that I had. I love making dresses and expressing myself with my creations; it is a way for my soul to express all words that vocabulary cannot explain. I love to think that I’m an artist and I love to see my client’s faces when they see my creations,” Viann said in an interview.

Viann is certainly an artist. People wearing her designs are destined to feel like royalty. Viann’s gowns are rich with exquisite details, gorgeous glittering jewels, and lavish laces. Viewers are sure to fall in love with each elegant design.

“I wanted to demonstrate the ability of women to do whatever we want. I like a short quote that an Argentine musician said, ‘you deserve what you dream of.’ I created this collection because my mom died last year because of the Covid-19 disease and she always taught me to work hard and to make all my dreams come true,” Viann said.

Viann’k Mansur is definitely making dreams come to life. Her designs are fit for a royal princess, and they represent the dream dresses of many women from across the globe.

When asked what she hopes audiences will take away from viewing her collection, Viann responded, “I can answer this question with three words ‘nothing is impossible.’ If you dream it, you can do it. That is something that I like to repeat to myself and be inspired by those words.”

On October 2nd, Viann’ k Mansur presented its collection at International Digital Fashion Week along with several designers from around the world. Audiences rushed to see Viann’ k Mansur’s immaculately enchanting presentation. When asked what she enjoys most about participating in IDFW, Viann said, “it is something new for me, and it is a different event with a different audience. I love to think about that because I feel that I’m opening another door for my company. I hope I can participate in more events like this. It was a great experience to have the chance to participate in this event.” Viewers can still watch Viann’ k Mansur’s delightful presentation. Since presentations on IDFW are available for six months, viewers can still watch and rewatch their favorite designers’ fantastic collections.

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Media Coordination: Saif Rahman Sozib.

Written by Bethany Robertson